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Across the street indigenous Pick and also Pull.

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Bright yellow building.

easy parking

A.D.A. Accessible


Nice comfortable wait Room


Bmr Racing,Future Ford

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Kenny D.

Great place and also friendly service. I"ve been here three various times because that three various cars and also their policy stand true. I had actually two cars that initially did not pass and they gave me info on what to be wrong, whereby I need to go and also who i should call to aid solve mine issue. Didn"t need to pay a penny because that the fail tests. Will be returning for every my future smogs.

They have actually the no pass no pay but i took my van there and also they wouldnt also do the test because they didnt think it would certainly pass. My van passed two yrs. Ago. Because he wouldnt also run the test cuz he think it wont pass i dont understand if the wouldve happen ir not. Many thanks autotek because that not even giving me a test result.

Chris L.

This place really went past all expectations. The guy provided me a many information and helped define what ever I had questions about. My car failed the first time and also passed the second time. Ns was only charged when my van passed. A+ rating

I called this place and the girl was really helpful. Ns told her ns waited come the critical minute come smog my car and also my registration to be due. Luckily lock were not busy and I live 2 blocks away. I was done in under 10 min. I didn"t also have time to sit down! Wow


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