We freshly received a variety of complaints concerning robocall scams v callers identifying themselves together representatives the “Blue overcome Blue Shield.” individuals posing together Blue overcome & Blue Shield that Mississippi representatives are contacting human being by phone and asking for an individual information such together their social security number, the name of your physician and other wellness information. Some calls showed up to be from neighborhood phone number with various other calls from national numbers. You re welcome be aware the call are part of a phishing scam to asking health-related questions and get your personal information.

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Blue cross & Blue Shield the Mississippi takes healthcare fraud seriously, and also we job-related to defend our members’ information with magnified data security measures. Blue overcome & Blue Shield that Mississippi will certainly never contact a Member and identify ourselves together “Blue cross Blue Shield.” If you nothing hear “of Mississippi” you re welcome hang increase immediately.

You might report any kind of such calls to us by contacting our customer Support center at 601-664-4590 or 800-942-0278, 8:00 a.m. Come 4:30 p.m. Monday with Friday.

Telephone Caller i would Spoofing

Caller identifier spoofing is as soon as a caller on purpose fakes the details transmitted to her caller ID display to disguise their identity. Scammers can make it show up that one incoming call is coming from a local number or a number native a agency or a government company that friend may currently know and also trust. If friend answer, they usage scam script to try to steal your money or valuable personal information, which deserve to be provided in cheat activity.

If girlfriend answer and also it’s not that you expected, cave up immediately. Don’t assume the contact is legitimate, hang up and also call back using a number you deserve to verify. Store in mind, part scammer’s goal is to keep you ~ above the phone call as lengthy as possible so you will certainly be charged far-reaching fees.

Telephone and Online Phishing

Telephone phishing scams are offered by scammers to get your money or your personal information come commit identification theft.

In addition to call phishing scams, digital phishing scams room still a cultivation concern. These scams often use “click bait” i beg your pardon gathers your personal information just by clicking a link and providing simple information, favor your name. Various other scams can incorporate obtaining personal information indigenous a data breach with the dark web.

How to defend Yourself

Be wary of everyone calling or emailing come obtain personal information. If anyone contacts you by phone or email for personal information, do not administer any details come the caller. Instead, end the call and note any details around the caller such as:



Voice qualities

Number they dubbed from

Time of job the contact was received

Tips for what no to do:

Don’t give in to push to take immediate action.

Don’t speak anything if a caller beginning the speak to asking, “Can girlfriend hear me?” This is a typical tactic because that scammers to document you saying “yes.” Scammers record your “yes” solution and use it together proof the you agreed come a purchase or credit transaction card charge.

Don’t carry out your credit card number, bank account information, or other personal information come a caller.

Don’t send money if a caller speak you to cable money or pay through a prepaid debit card.

If the caller asks you come hit a switch to stop acquiring calls, simply hang up.

SourcesPast Scams

April 2019

We got complaints regarding robocall scams v callers identifying themselves together representatives of “Blue overcome Blue Shield.” The callers were contacting people using a tactic known as Caller i would “spoofing” which appears to be connected with the nationwide “Call Blue” customer business telephone number (888-630-2583). This is component of an active fraud scheme, and also we are very closely monitoring the situation. This number is used only to obtain calls from Members and is never used to make outbound calls. If you receive a contact from this number (888-630-2583) or who claiming come be v “Blue cross Blue Shield,” perform not price or finish the contact immediately.

We likewise received complaints around individuals posing together Blue overcome & Blue Shield of Mississippi representatives contacting human being by phone asking for personal information such as social defense number, the surname of their physician and also other wellness information. Calls appeared to be from a local caller who asked general health-related inquiries to interact those that answer. The callers were part of a phishing scam.

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Other scams have actually callers identifying themselves as “Blue overcome Blue Shield.” The callers had actually some dated an individual information of the person they to be calling and also tried to collect updated information. Other callers have attempted to sell prescription medications or clinical supplies including prescription pains cream and back braces.

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