This page offers details ~ above Fleming"s element Steakhouse & wine Bar, located at 8985 Tamiami trail N, Naples, FL 34108, unified States.

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Place Name Fleming"s prime Steakhouse & wine Bar
Average Rating 3.8 (17 ratings)
Place Address 8985 Tamiami trail NNaplesFL 34108United states
Vicinity 8985 Tamiami trail North, neapolitan
Phone Number (239) 598-2424
International Phone +1 239-598-2424
Price Level high value
Place Type restaurant, food, bar, point_of_interest, establishment
Opening Hours Monday: 5:00 – 10:00 PMTuesday: 5:00 – 10:00 PMWednesday: 5:00 – 10:00 PMThursday: 5:00 – 10:00 PMFriday: 5:00 – 11:00 PMSaturday: 5:00 – 11:00 PMSunday: 5:00 – 9:00 pm

Location Information

Full Address 8985 Tamiami trail N, Naples, FL 34108, United states
Street Number 8985
Route Tamiami Trail north (Tamiami follow N)
Locality naples
Administrative Area Level 1 Florida (FL)
Country United states (US)
Postal Code 34108
Type restaurant, food, bar, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 26.2523654
Longitude 26.2523654
Geo Location (26.2523654, -81.8016945)

★★☆☆☆ Jordan rock

Went last night for space wedding anniversary dinner. The food was an excellent very tasty and also had a terrific bottle that wine. Unfortunately our server get married Beth was doing not have in her trade skills. Our waters were never ever once refilled she never ever poured refills of our wine together I watched the various other servers perform for over there tables. She to be not an extremely friendly and also just nowhere to be found. I actually made eye contact with the manager and also she did no smile or come to the table to check out if we necessary anything. Needless come say the was very disappointing and we will certainly not it is in returning. Ns regret also leaving a guideline it should have gone come the hostess who sat us she was really friendly, and the chefs for the great food.


★★★★★ Derek Sullivan

went there because that a party recently. The salmon to be absolutely fantastic! The service and atmosphere were about what i expected. The drink prices are also very reasonable.

★★★★★ Jason Parker

This restaurant is awesome. The food is impressive the service is amazing and the administration team is very hospitable. Thank you for a good dining experience!

★★★★★ will certainly Hamilton

Me and my wife decided to make bookings for dinner for our 2 year wedding annaversary as soon as we got there the hostess was really polite and an extremely professional. The table was produced our unique day. Comes to neapolitan for our annaversary was the best idea and I"m really happy v our dinner. I was very surprised v all the employees functioning all were professional and polite. I acquired the Newport filet mignon v the chipolte Mac and cheese with the Fleming potatoes. Everything was perfect, steak to be cooked simply the way I chosen it together the same for my wife"s. If ns didn"t live in brand-new Jersey ns wuld defiantly return. Will certainly be returning following year.

★☆☆☆☆ Alexander Turac

Flemings. Well the endure which us have had one day earlier was unbelievably dissapointing, this restaurant is thought about at a high level by the price that food, ~ the experience I think that is entirely overrated. Realistcally when we come there it was a trouble from the start. All together we have actually been 6 people, we have ordered well not the cheapest food. Every one of us had actually steak v fries mostly in addition to some sides, well when the steak came, the steaks were no the kind we asked definition when we asked for medium well, we got well done, us got burned fries, which seemed like any fries indigenous other lower steakhouse probably some rapid food together with ketchup which in my opinion seems a bit poor in a steakhouse through a quality steaks as perceived from a suggest of watch of client of this restaurant, but what has actually dissapointed us and also made united state angry was in basic the reality that the money we have actually spent was definitely not adequate to what we got in this restaurant.I would certainly not introduce this restaurant to anyone. At the same time much that the staff was encountering us if whatever is alright even when lock asked if we want a replacement, that wasnt what us wanted, the quantity of staff which to be there was too much for the restaurant contrasted to the power given the end to actually be great and have actually quality things, I median it was a real disappointment. Ns think Flemings in neapolitan isnt the only problematic Flemings. This restaurant is a genuine problem. Us dont also want to use our left end gift card. We went there for a birthday and it to be a disaster, yes, really bad. Never ever GO THERE.

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