Everything drops apart v the couples this week, and also their goodbyes room as attracted out as David’s saga v Lana. From Rosemarie standing she ground come Varya questioning her future, scorned lover fly, cry, and also lie to escape your exes. David just can be the just one quiet holding the end hope.

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The season starts come wrap up with a surprise proposal, but it appears that 2 break-ups might be coming.

No, Thanks

Well we didn’t watch that one coming. Varya tells Geoffrey the she can’t expropriate his proposal because she feels castle are relocating too fast. “Maybe no now,” she speak him. “I’m not ready to leave everything here” … also though the an initial half of the season she to be saying how eager she to be to move to the U.S.


Varya likewise says the she feeling “embarrassed” and also bad for Geoffrey in a confessional: “I love him however I’m not certain I deserve to trust that in everything. … i don’t want to lie. I don’t want to to speak yes and readjust my mind.”

He cries that “never in a million years” would certainly he suppose her to revolve him down. Then they both speculate over soulmates, destiny, and also other elusive concepts that are simply tangential come the real problem at hand: Geoffrey’s continuous criminal cases.

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Time Out

Ash and also his scarf stare in shock at Avery, who uncomfortably shifts she gaze over him together though witnessing one of her children’s tantrums. The flutters about her, straddling between saying just how “heartless” she is but then begging her for attention and also love.

“No matter just how much he wants to speak ‘I love you, I want to occupational through things,’ he was incredibly worked up and also childish as soon as he walked in, and also I don’t want that at all in partner,” Avery comments.


After a strained commitment to communicate an ext with one another, the pair heads to meet Ash’s ex-wife Sian and their child Taj. Apparently a two-hour drive has to be damaged up by staying at a hotel, and Avery says she prefers to stay in her own room. Ash calls she “selfish” and also resumes his pouting.

Shark Bait and also Switch

The job after Erika introduced Stephanie to her parents, Stephanie is inspired to likewise come out to her very own mom. “Maybe this is the right moment, through my girlfriend beside me and also my mommy on one more continent,” she explains. She FaceTimes her mother while Erika holds she hand.

Stephanie tells her mother that she has actually a “confession to make” but then just says that she go cage-diving v sharks. “I can’t do it appropriate now. It simply doesn’t feel best through a computer system screen…I fan it to she to do it in person,” Stephanie concludes. Erika appears somewhat disappointed, and also Stephanie defines that she requirements to discover the best time come come out.

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Artificial Intelligence

Back to David’s poor decision-making: he returns to the airport to paris again come Ukraine — for the second time in a issue of weeks and the 5th time in effort to satisfy his digital love. The apparent A.I. Named Lana has moved in through her sister in Kiev and also told David that she gained “cold feet” the last time that visited. “We’ve invested such a long time pointing out our future. I’m going to do every little thing I can to make the future a reality,” the says.

David steps right into one type of truth with one ankle-length leather trench coat, borrowed from the collection of The Matrix. Lana messages him that she is as well busy attending her nephew’s hockey games so she can’t fulfill with him until after the weekend. “She’s literally like no farther than 10 miles away… If Lana doesn’t display up to accomplish me ~ above Monday, I have to put mine foot down at some allude and say ‘this is it,"” David sternly says.

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The huge Breakup

After Ed called Rosemarie that he didn’t want to have an ext children, she speak him that she’s “done” with their relationship. She correctly points out that the didn’t put in any type of effort to get to know her son Prince and he doesn’t deserve her. “This is a little bit of shock come me. I’m an extremely shocked,” Ed responds. “I fell in love v you ~ above Facebook, and also I came here with love in my heart.” He speak her the he had actually planned to propose earlier in Manila.

“Your habits is not good. Ns always try to understand you … it’s too much,” Rosemarie states, saying that he’s lie to she too many times. “I desire to end this relationship. I don’t want to waste my time through a person who doesn’t appreciate me.”

Rosemarie expects both she family and her child to it is in disappointed with her decision to break it off v Ed. She heads to the airport to fly ago home. “I fulfill my true king in the future,” she claims as she departs.

Never walk Back

Varya and also Geoffrey paris from Siberia to Moscow, however he is still reeling indigenous his failure proposal. Twelve hours later, lock head ago to the airport for Geoffrey to travel ago to the U.S. On the means Varya points the end a bar and says that should go next time he’s in Russia. “Why would certainly I come here again?” he marvels aloud.

Varya asks if Geoffrey will try to find one more girlfriend when he gets back to America. “Right currently I don’t recognize if we’ll ever see each various other again,” she cryptically comments.

Ukraine Confidential

David meets up v Sergey, the personal investigator that he had previously rental to track down Lana. Friend know, the one the accused of conspiring against him last episode. Sergey reminds David that Lana has actually various date profiles on many websites and warns him that there really well can be eight various other men just like him. “He’s not leaving any type of room because that a positive outcome native this girl,” David relays come the rental translator.

“The lady appears to be a scammer,” Sergey says, but David just argues that that is his opinion.

“You, sir, are fired,” David matter-of-factly states in a GIF-worthy reaction prior to re-cloaking himself in his own faux hardboiled detective animal leather trench coat. “The heart desires what the love wants. I’m walk to provide Lana every chance that ns can.”

Wine Time

Ash introduce Avery come his ex-wife Sian and also mini-me child Taj. After the normal pleasantries (including a cat eating cats “cat-abolism” joke), Sian and also Avery head come a wine bar to get to know one another better.

Sian confirms the what broke up her marital relationship with Ash to be his inability to convey his actual emotions. Avery asks as soon as they specifically got divorced, and also Sian says a year ago, not a te ago, as Avery was led through Ash come believe. They were separated because that years before their divorce, but regardless, Ash and Sian to be still married increase until only a few months prior to he started dating Avery.

She additionally asks Sian about her feelings concerning Ash potentially moving to America v Taj. “Taj is my world, i cannot also fathom gift in a different country … I just can’t,” Sian says, explaining the she called Ash he need to be the one commuting back and forth from the U.S. To Australia, not Taj. Avery empathizes, gift a mom herself, yet now needs to rethink she plans come be with Ash.

Love Actually

Geoffrey pleads with Varya one last time prior to entering the airport. “I don’t feel like this is the end,” she reassures him, however he cannot gain past the reality that he’s leave Russia.

“I’m going to live my life except you,” Geoffrey says. “Thanks for the adventure and great luck.” Was that a actual break up, or just a dramatic goodbye?

Varya runs right into the airport, crying, and also kisses him. Geoffrey just says that they had actually their “chance” and also he demands someone to love him unconditionally. “You second guess the situation. I don’t know what you expect me to execute or suppose me say. … I’m hurt,” he tells her. “I’m walk home, OK? So give thanks to you for everything.”

Ex marks the Spot

Stephanie only has two work left through Erika in Australia, and the pair reflects on the past couple of weeks together. Erika speak her that she doesn’t want to be “kept a secret” and she marvels if Stephanie will ever be all set to open up up around their partnership to her mom. “It scares me a tiny bit the I could just constantly be ‘the friend,"” Erika tells Stephanie.

“I require time. In ~ the end of the job I understand I need to do it, but it’s going to take place on my own terms when I’m ready,” Stephanie responds. Erika defines that she had actually a past decade-long on-and-off relationship where a girlfriend lied about who Erika was, and also it hurt her deeply. Stephanie of food is much more concerned about the reality that Erika is talking around an ex quite than why Erika carried her up in the first place.

“She’s the factor why you are currently pressuring me to come the end to mine mom!” Stephanie yells.

“Your first reaction is to raise her voice in ~ me … as shortly as I have actually a trouble you just do this,” a breakable Erika tears up. Stephanie litter a dish and storms off yet again, leave Erika crying in bed.

“To just have actually this bombshell it is in dropped on me right before I leave to go earlier home … it’s just a lot for me come process,” Stephanie speak the camera, not realizing she sentence is riddled v self-centeredness: “I” and “me” and also no cite of Erika in ~ all.

“This whole trip has been around Steph’s past and the things that have actually traumatized her, and the second that I lug up miscellaneous that’s traumatic for me and also explain to she why something the she’s law is traumatic because that me, she yells at me and also then states she’s no yelling in ~ me. It’s just awful,” Erika explains. Can we simply hug her v the TV?

Stephanie return to their hotel room and also apologizes because that yelling but says she didn’t also realize she to be doing it and she think she’s in a “manic state ideal now.” Stephanie simply doubles under in her confessional, explaining that she regrets breaking the bowl however she feel “completely betrayed” by Erika. How, again?

“I have actually no idea just how you suppose me come be ethical with friend if you’re simply going to usage it versus me,” Erika rightfully states. “Why room you playing through my love just due to the fact that you can’t figure your own out?”

“That’s it. We’re done,” Stephanie breaks up v Erika. She pipeline Stephanie alone in the hotel and drives ago to she parents’ house.

Looking Good, David

David coifs his hair, spritzes on what we deserve to only hope is cologne, and also prepares to hug Lana because that the very first time. He even irons his shirt and muses over just how she promised she would vapor his clothing once they relocate in together. In David’s many romantic move for this reason far, he bring amazingly very delicious See’s Candies sheathe in a Victoria’s an enig bag for his meeting with Lana. “Looking good,” he tells self in the mirror before heading out the door.

Lana is 7 minutes late prior to David’s crumpled face erupts into an elated smile, and also it seems favor we can finally capture a glimpse of Lana in the following episode.

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Varya apparently has actually been texting Geoffrey nonstop, yet he wants to “put that whole situation” behind him. That looks favor he is in reality going ~ above a day with a brand-new potential girl friend too. Erika agrees to satisfy with Stephanie to comment on things, and also Yolanda is tho pining over Williams.

Darcey does a “miracle mask” with her daughters, and also Avery second guesses if she should file the K-1 visa because that Ash. Also, Ed realizes the Rosemarie has already left, and Lisa is presented leaving Usman saying she doesn’t need his “whores.”