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Used by virtually a 4 minutes 1 million students each year, A Pocket format Manual is a straightforward, inexpensive quick reference, v content flexible sufficient to suit the needs of authors in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, health and wellness professions, business, fine arts, education, and also beyond. That is slim format, brief length, and also spiral binding make it basic for student to store A Pocket layout Manual through them because that every creating assignment, in any class. V its signature Hacker handbook quick-reference features—hand-edited sentences, color-coded documentation coverage, user-friendly index entries, and also a clean, uncluttered design—A Pocket layout Manual has actually always detailed fast, efficient answers to writing and also research questions. In the Hacker tradition, brand-new coauthor Nancy Sommers has crafted options for the challenges today’s college students face. The new edition offers even an ext help with research study writing and supports students in every discipline. Read the preface.

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Diana Hacker personally class-tested her handbooks with practically four thousands students end thirty-five year at Prince George’s community College in Maryland, wherein she to be a member of the English faculty. Hacker handbooks, built on innovation and on a keen knowledge of the obstacles facing college student writers, space the many widely adopted in America. Hacker handbooks, all released by Bedford/St. Martin’s, encompass The Bedford Handbook, Ninth execution (2014); A Writer’s Reference, Eighth edition (2015); Rules because that Writers, Seventh version (2012); and also A Pocket style Manual, seventh Edition (2015). Nancy Sommers, who has taught composition and also directed ingredient programs for thirty years, now teaches writing and mentors new writing teachers at Harvard’s Graduate institution of Education.  She led Harvard’s Expository Writing program for twenty years, directing the first-year creating program and also establishing Harvard’s WAC program. A two-time Braddock award winner, Sommers is famous for she research and publications on student writing. Her write-ups "Revision tactics of Student and Experienced Writers" and "Responding to college student Writing" are two that the many widely read and anthologized write-ups in the ar of composition.  Her current work involves a longitudinal examine of college composing to know the function writing plays in undergraduate education. Sommers is the lead author on Hacker handbooks, all published by Bedford/St. Martin’s, and also is coauthor of areas of Reading, nine Edition (2010). 

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Clarity1 Tighten wordy sentences.2 Prefer active verbs.3 Balance parallel ideas.4 include needed words.5 remove distracting shifts.6 Untangle mixed constructions.7 fix misplaced and dangling modifiers.8 provide sentence variety.9 find an ideal voice.Grammar10 make subjects and also verbs agree.11 be alert to other troubles with verbs.12 usage pronouns v care.13 usage adjectives and adverbs appropriately.14 repair sentence fragments.15 review run-on sentences.16 take into consideration grammar topics for multilingual writers.Punctuation17 The comma18 The semicolon and the colon19 The apostrophe20 Quotation marks21 various other punctuation marksMechanics22 Capitalization23 Abbreviations, numbers, and also italics24 HyphenationResearch25 Posing a research question26 Finding appropriate sources27 controlling information; preventing plagiarism28 examining sourcesMLA Papers29 sustaining a thesis30 preventing plagiarism31 complete sources32 Integrating literary quotations33 MLA documentation style34 MLA format; sample research paperAPA Papers35 supporting a thesis36 preventing plagiarism37 integrating sources38 APA documentation style39 APA format; sample research paperChicago Papers40 sustaining a thesis41 preventing plagiarism42 integrating sources43 Chicago documentation style44 Chicago format; sample pagesCSE Papers45 CSE documentation style46 CSE format

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"I favor the book for its practically format, simple presentation the material, and interesting, easy-to-use examples."— mar Evans, university of Nursing, university of south Florida