The score in this game is to loss all the enemies or record the headquarters. On some levels you need to ruin important structures to happen the level.

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File Name:1060 - advance Wars 2 - black color Hole climbing (U)(Mode7).zip
Year that release:2003

Important!! In bespeak to be able to play this game you require an emulator installed. View the complete list of available GameBoy advancement emulators because that this game.
Advance battles 2 - The black Hole climbing ROM Download because that GBA

Intelligent Systems arisen the game development Wars 2: black Hole Rising and also is a turn-based tactics video clip game. It to be released in 2003 through Nintendo and also is the 2nd game in the development Wars sub-series. The video game precedes development Wars and follows the advancement Wars twin Strike.

Game Plot

The storyline is a extension of its ahead version, advance Wars, and also has slight transforms in the in its entirety graphics and tiny addition of contents. After getting the command the Sturm, black Hole has decided to invade Marco floor by gathering up force. The protagonists the the game, allied Nations, shot cooperating when again to kick the black color Hole forces out from everyone and also Marco Land.


The gameplay of black color Hole Rising includes defeating enemies and also achieving specific objectives. There is a project mode in the game, wherein the player theatre one or more commanding police officers of the nation, fighting against the game"s antagonist, black Hole. The project takes location on various continents, and also each begins with plenty of missions the the player deserve to select.

What video game emulator to use to run advance Wars 2: black color Hole increasing ROM?

Advance wars 2: black color Hole rising runs ~ above a GameBoy advance emulator. You have to download and install this emulator on your device very first to play.

A few of the other good Game Boy development emulators space Visual boy Advance, No$GBA, mGBA, BatGBA, Higan GBA, Mednafen, RetroArch, and so on.

Similar Games

Advance wars has few other gamings in the series, which has actually the exact same features and also gameplay. So, you could like play the games listed below, If you love this one.

Famicom WarsFamicom battles comes under the very first game in the wars series, i m sorry is a wargame produced by Nintendo. When seeking to establish turn-based dominance over each other, the player takes manage of either one of two warring nations, specific the Red Star and Blue Moon.The game is collection on every stage, and also the target of each phase is to loss the enemy"s headquarters or, in one turn, kill all foe units. Few of the teams in the game can even use firepower versus their enemy.Game boy WarsGame Boy wars comes under the 2nd game in the Wars collection and is a turn-based battle simulator video game. In this game, two countries are warring against each other, specific Red Star and White Star. The player can take control of the pressures either through the square tiles or from hexagonal maps. To seek the goal of the game, players also can take regulate of the factories, cities, shelters, and airports on every map.

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Game Boy wars 3Game Boy wars 3 is the 3rd game in the Wars collection and the last sequel game to the game Boy Wars. The game is a exit from its previous version, and it doesn"t require funds for specific units. The game even has a feature where indirect attack units deserve to move and also attack at the very same time, that also in one turn.