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Keyframes native the timeline present up in the graph editor and the line reflects the "in-betweens".The keyframe"slocation top top the y-axisindicates the value of the home it"s attached come (ie. Scale, Position, Rotation, etc.). The line indicates the worth at any certain frame in-between the keyframes.

1. Easy Ease

Put other in your composition, a form layer, .ai file, whatever. The doesn"t really issue what. Hit "P"to traction up position (or toggle the arrow down)andmake sure you best click position > separate Dimensions. Collection two keyframes and also move the thing from left come right. If you"re feeling crazy, do it move back to whereby it started.Select both keyframes and also Easy ease them by hittingF9(or right-click the keyframe > Keyframe Assistant > simple Ease). Now hitShift + F3to open up the graph editor (or click the graph icon).


You"ll check out a soft "S" curve. This is tons better than no putting any ease on an animation.Easy ease isn"t a magic bullet, though. If you really desire to make her animations feel like butter, friend gotta gain into the graph editor and also push and also pull those bezier handles.

Think of simple Ease as a collection of maintain wheels.

You need to dig deeper and make your animations move like you desire them to. Touch every keyframe! make it yours.



2. Excessive Ease

Now seize those bezier handles and yank them to make the a an ext pronounced "S." The steeper the line, the quicker your thing will relocate in the middle.

Use too much Ease to make a smooth, yet snappy movement.

Flat line = SlowSteep line = Fast

3. Explode out (& lull In)

Now take that an initial keyframe and also pull the take care of skyward. The steep angle will explode the end from the start and ease come a stop.

4. Lull Outand Accelerate right into the Wall

Ease out and also keep increasing till you acquire to the end. This is also a good curve come makesomething fall (just use the Y Position rather of the X Position).

This is simply the beginning. Yet it"s a good start. The graph editor may be daunting, or it might make perfect feeling (if you have a particularly mathematical brain). It fear me once I an initial opened it and I like math and graphs.

Make certain you touch every keyframe and learn how to take manage of how your animations move.

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Keyboard Shortcuts Mentioned

F9 turns any kind of keyframe into straightforward Ease (do this come initially get bezier handles.. Make sure you tweak every one it rotates it"s right)

Shift + F3 enters and also exits the graph editor

THE following STEP ➠

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