Last week, us reported that Microsoft had released age of Mythology: story of the Dragon, i m sorry is the first expansion for the video game in over a decade.

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We purchase the game and played it. For this reason how good is age of Mythology story of the Dragon? below is our review.

Don"t worry, the review is totally spoiler Free, as much as the story is concerned. I have no other option but to point out how bad the gameplay is, rather this wouldn"t it is in a review.

Tale the the Dragon Campaign:

What deserve to I say around the campaign? The campaign itself is really very short, i finished the new Chinese scenarios in under 11 hours. There space a total of 12 listings in the campaign map, the end of which only 10 are actually playable scenarios. And also the ending was for sure horrid, which you deserve to blame ~ above the practically non-existant story.

There space no adversary heroes whom you encounter in the campaign"s gameplay, other than for the one who appears in the very last scenario. Your heroes don"t seem to have any good special abilities either, they space pretty basic.The new units are interesting, and also some the the new myth devices are definitely overpowered. The special structure in the game, Garden, allows you generate food, wood, yellow or favour. Through default that is collection to generate favour, however once you reach 100 favour, move to one of the others and watch the resources flow in.

There are almost no side-quests in ~ all, and though over there aren"t multiple ways to end up a scenario, you have the right to bypass several of them quite easily, since of bugs and poorly written project triggers. Normally, perfect one quest/mission objective must actually cause the next component of the scenario. However sometimes you will be able to finish a campaign scenario even prior to you finish the pre-requisite quest.

And over there is for sure no need for strategy in the majority of the games. Despite the campaign AI does assault your base in a couple of scenarios, girlfriend just need to micro regulate your military a bit to administer a defence. For the most component though, it plays favor a arbitrarily map. This applies to 90% of the scenarios, other than for one or 2 which are time based.


There isn"t lot to tell here, that looks similar to the AoM expanded Edition. There room plenty that bugs though, specifically when multi selecting units.


Nothing out of the simple in the audio. The cut scenes dialogs to be a little bit dull, and quite slow, most likely to match the animations. This actually damaged the cinematic sequences together well.

Is period of Mythology story of the Dragon precious buying?

The only good thing I deserve to say if you bought the AOM Ex plus tale of the Dragon bundle top top Steam, is the you gain to beat the other games in the AoM franchise which are superb.

Verdict: 5/10.

I have played every game in the age Of Empires series (played AOE ROR and AOE II when, even before the conquerors development was launched). I have also played company of Heroes, Warcraft II, empire Earth, Command and Conquer series, and so plenty of I cannot even list castle here.

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As an skilled real-time strategy gamer, right here is my verdict around Age the Mythology story of the Dragon. I simply cannot introduce the game. The is by far the worst the the AoM series, and also is even shorter that the AoM Titans Expansion. To buy it just if you space a completionist/collector prefer me, and also that defines the 5 out 10 rating. Personally ns feel favor I should only offer it 3 out of 10, but the brand-new civilization, units, God powers and so on made me adjust my mind.