The Love Actually characters played by Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson found themselves make headlines again simply last year as fans the the 2003 film became invested, 12 years later, in the touching love story these 2 actors assisted create. That’s the power of your friendship and collaboration, and also it’s one the made the likes of your other movies like Sense and also Sensibility (1995) and Judas Kiss (1988) so potent. Thompson wrote down part thoughts about her girlfriend Alan Rickman on Thursday after ~ he passed away from cancer at the period of 69.

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Dave Itzkoff the The brand-new York Times shared Thompson’s tribute i beg your pardon reads as follows:

Alan was my friend and so this is tough to write since I have actually justkissed that goodbye.

What ns remember most in this moment of ache leave-taking is hishumour, intelligence, wisdom, and also kindness. His volume to dropped youwith a look at or elevator you through a word.

That intransigence i beg your pardon made that the good artist that he to be — hisineffable and cynical wit, the clarity through which the saw many things,including me, and also the reality that he never ever spared me the view. I learneda lot from him.

He was the finest of actors and also directors. I couldn’t wait to watch whathe was going to perform with his face next. I take into consideration myself hugelyprivileged come have worked with the so numerous times and also to have beendirected by him.

He to be the can be fried ally. In life, art and also politics. I trusted himabsolutely.

He was, over all things, a rare and unique person being and also we shallnot view his prefer again.

It’s similar to Thompson come close the end a remembrance that a fellow stage actor v a little bit the Hamlet. Together Thompson mentions in she tribute, in enhancement to his plenty of stage and film roles, Rickman also directed two films starring his Sense and Sensibility leading ladies: 2014’s A small Chaos starring Kate Winslet and also 1997’s The Winter Guest certification Thompson and also her real-life mommy Phyllida Law. Thompson and also Rickman (along with practically every various other British actor) likewise co-starred in the Harry Potter films. Yet it’s their friendly, intelligent chemistry in Ang Lee’s woman Austen adaptation that most likely speaks the most to your real-world connection and also enduring bond.

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