When it involves Alexis Ren‘s previous relationships, she ex-boyfriends don’t yes, really share lot in common. If you keep up through the brunette beauty, climate you may recognize that several of her most famous and recent past lovers encompass Noah Centineo and Alan Bersten.

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Though a couple of of Alexis’ exes are in some way involved in the entertainment industry, they can not be an ext different from each other. If anything, this proves the model has no type.

Though getting through breakups is difficult, Alexis is all around using the lessons she learned and turning her experiences into something positive.

A newly-single Alexis gained candid about personal growth weeks after her separation from Noah. “After all of this, let’s no forget what matters. What’s real,” she wrote on Instagram ~ above April 24 amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Connecting to one another on a soul level is life itself. Remembering the it’s not our success that make united state lovable, the our capacity to be eye to eye v each various other — proceeding to broaden our minds so we can expand our hearts.”

“The human being is complete of shiny points that will distract united state from the wholeness that we room all qualified of creating within,” Alexis ongoing at the time. “We deserve to turn this dilemm into evolution if we choose. Let’s pick to evolve, select to be far better for the youngsters yet come come right into this world, choose to be far better for ourselves and others. Pick to be love, because love heals.”

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Noah Centineo

Alexis’ many recent connection was through Noah. The two seemingly referred to as it quits in in march 2020 ~ one year that dating. One month later, Us Weekly evidenced their split. “They broke up a couple of weeks ago,” a resource divulged to the outlet.

From the looks of it, Noah and also Alexis were perfect because that each other — their days were a testimony to that. “It’s different every time since I’m very spontaneous and so is he,” she told E! News in November 2019. “It simply depends what we’re do the efforts to execute for each other. The likes to paint, so ns took that to paint one time. Just little fun things. Us both love art, so we love doing arts together.”

Who knows? probably it’s all about timing because that these two!


Alan Bersten

Previously, Alexis date the Dancing through the Stars pro. Castle became an item when they worked together as dance partners on season 27 that the show. However, your romance to be short-lived and also came come an finish by December 2018.

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Despite lock not functioning out together a couple, Alexis had actually nothing however love because that Alan. “Feelings no black and white and neither is life,” the Maxim covering star responded on Instagram come a follower who asked around their connection status. “We’re concentrated on our careers and growing as individuals. He’s an amazing person and also I’m thankful he came right into my life. He is on his very own journey, and also I respect that.”


Sky Bear

Alexis dated a maintain coach who goes by the name “Sky Bear” on society media. According to his Instagram, the two seemed to have dated in 2018. The last picture he common of Alexis was in October of that year.


Jay Alvarrez

Alexis dated Jay, who’s additionally a model, from 2014 come 2016. The 2 spent several time traveling and documented your adventures on his YouTube channel. Follow to now-deleted subliminal tweets obtained by Cosmopolitan, it looks prefer things didn’t finish well between the previous flames. In February 2017, Alexis tweeted “It’s crazy how wrong you deserve to be about someone.”