Amber climbed arrived to the 2018 MTV video Music Awards in a red latex skin-tight outfit the featured a cone-shaped bra (an homage to Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour look), red cat-like mask, whip, elbow-length gloves and also over-the-knee boots, and she’s phone call the entire vibe a “intergalactic an are slut” look.

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But the real impetus behind she “space slut” look at is to raise awareness for she fourth annual Slut to walk on October 6.



Slut go is an occasion Rose hosts annually to protest against rape society and sexual violence. Participants dress “how castle want” as a method to present awareness that must not be judged for their outfits.

“Regardless of exactly how you dress, that doesn’t make you a slut, the doesn’t do you a whore,” climbed told on the red carpet. “Those room all simply derogatory brand they men and also women use versus other women to put us under for gift confident in our sexuality without even knowing our previous sexual history.”

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Rose is always one to do a head-turning appearance come the MTV VMAs, ~ all, she wore a nearly-naked sheer dress with a crystal-adorned bra and also thong come the 2014 show.



But for together over-the-top as her red carpet looks can be, she additionally knows the prestige of having an excellent everyday watch to do you feel her best. Which is why she design her very own size-inclusive repertoire with merely Be, which walk from sizes 6 to 32. Prices height out in ~ $40.

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“I simply love the it comes in all shapes and also sizes. I’m very body positive and I didn’t desire to leave any kind of girl out, therefore we have all sizes because that every shape of women,” Rose defined to “That’s pretty lot why I wanted to carry out this line with them.”

The MTV VMAs are broadcast live indigenous Radio City Music room in new York City on Monday, Aug. 20 in ~ 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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