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Went to watch “Independence Day” right here in ‘96. It to be my first experience through digital sound,and it go out me away!




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August 24th, 1988 cool opening ad is now in the photo section

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Brooklyn’s Ridge Park Square theater now offers plush recliners, full bar and pizza Brian Byrne, Northeast Ohio Media team Feb 14, 2014

BROOKLYN, Ohio – A multimillion renovation of the AMC Ridge Park Square Cinema 8 will be official unveiled Friday night, providing moviegoers plush power recliners, full bar service and also expanded refreshment options.

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Started in September, this is the an initial major upgrade for AMC Ridge Park, and it corresponded with a similar project in ~ AMC Westwood Town facility Cinema 6 in Rocky River. Kansas-based AMC has said the goal of the initiative, mirrored at approximately 25 locations nationwide, is come revolutionize what it method to go to the movies by pass the comforts of residence to the theater.

“The best feasible guest suffer is in ~ the love of everything we do. Whether it is through countless food and drink options, a full bar, incredibly comfortable chairs or an amazing movie presentation, we desire our guest to be excited about coming out to the movie again and again,” AMC executive, management Vice chairman for development Mark McDonald said in a statement.

The recliners change the timeless fold-down seating, and enable guests to stretch your legs. Volume in every of the eight theaters has actually been significantly reduced to accommodate enhanced spacing between rows.

“It’s already leading to remarkable feedback,” AMC Public connections Director Ryan Noonan said.

Every screen and sound system has actually been replaced, and are currently all completely digital and 3D capable, Noonan said.

Out in the lobby, guests will now uncover “MacGuffins Bar,” special on-tap and also bottled beer, wine, cocktails and also even a margarita machine. Drinks deserve to be delighted in at the bar – called after a ax coined by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock – or inside the theater.

The snack bar still has old favorites prefer Goobers and Milk Duds, however has included hot options including chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks and pizza to the menu, now presented via a big digital screen. A “very popular” Coca-Cola Freestyle an equipment gives guest the ability to mix a wide variety of flavors, Noonan said.

The facility has also received new paint and also carpeting, boosted bathrooms and brand-new signage on the façade.

The Brooklyn and Rocky river theaters room in shopping centers owned by Cleveland’s Zeisler Morgan Properties, Inc.

“We’re thrilled AMC is including such extensive upgrades to both locations in Brooklyn and also Rocky River. The renovations will certainly redefine moviegoing in Cleveland and will considerably enhance the entertainment options for ours shopping centers,” Zeisler Morgan chairman Shannon Blackwell said.

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In anticipation that a rise in demand, both theater are setting up a booked seating policy. More information is obtainable at and also