Remember the moment Kim Kardashian virtually broke the net with a picture of her nude body? Yeah, therefore does Amy Schumer, who simply posted a nearly-naked shooting of her very own body — but she’s using the public to encourage a an excellent cause.

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The actress is standing up against gun violence in fairly a different means than we’re supplied to seeing. Schumer post a photo of it s her in just an orange sporting activities bra, through the subtitle “Today you re welcome #wearorange for gun safety! #everytown,” complied with by a slew of other photos the herself and friends fostering the cause. (She joins numerous other celebrities in the initiative to wear orange one June 2 to combat total violence, consisting of Kardashian and also Rachel Zoe.)

At this point, Schumer has made the clear the she’s comfortable flaunting her body, whether or not she’s promoting a reason she’s passionate around — it’s no the first time she’s post a provocative pic on the internet. She set her lady parts on fire for the people to view in she cover story for Vanity Fair, saying that it to be “one of the most meaningful moments” of she life.

“I begged Annie to picture me with no underwear on in just a T-shirt,” Schumer called Vanity Fair of she shoot through Annie Leibovitz. “I described to she how important it to be to me and also she finally agreed. I felt powerful and beautiful. She construed once we shot it. Or probably she ran to the restroom to litter up. That was one of the most systematic moments of my life.”

And there was also the Pirelli calendar, in i m sorry she posed simply in underwear and heels, hold a cup the coffee — a moment around which she shared a thoughtful short article just the various other day.

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So when it’s feasible that the sporting activities bra in concern was the only piece of orange on hand, we’re reasoning she to know that with nudity, comes attention — and also hers is going towards something good.

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Amy Schumer Is the latest Celebrity to run on the Nude picture Bandwagon -- but It"s because that a an excellent Cause