The comparing step determines the level of variation in between actual performance and also standard. If the first two phases have been excellent well, the third phase of the controlling process – comparing power with criter – need to be straightforward.

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Comparing actual Performance with Standards

This step requires a to compare of really performance through the standard. Together a to compare will disclose the deviation between actual and also desired results.

The comparison becomes much easier when standards are collection in quantitative terms. For instance, the performance of a worker in terms of units created in a week can be conveniently measured versus the traditional output for the week.

Comparing Performance versus Standards

Performance might be greater than, lower than or the same to the standard. The schedule for comparing power to standards counts on a variety of factors annual comparisons might be appropriate for longer-run and also higher-level standards.

Examples the Qualitative Standards:

(a) enhancing the motivation level of employees.

(b) boosting labor relations.

(c) enhancing the quality of products.

(d) boosting goodwill etc.

Thus, standards proceed as a lighthouse that warns and also guides the ships in ~ sea. Standards are the benchmarks in the direction of which efforts of the whole organization space directed.


The procedure of managing follows a succession of reasonable measures as complies with –

Setting Standards

This is the very first step that the control procedure. Prior to we start any kind of other work, the supervisors need to collection the standards versus which the really performances will be measured. These performance standards deserve to be in the kind of goals, such as revenue native sales end a period of time. Before these standards are collection an ideal study that the economy, situation and probability should be excellent so that the standards set are practical in nature. The standards must be attainable, measurable, and also clear.

Measurement of really Performance

The next consistent step in the control procedure is to measure the actual performance of the employees of the organization. The actual performance of the employee is measured versus the target. However, this dimension of performances is no as straightforward as it sounds, an especially for non-technical jobs. Once a manager is involved with managing sales, daily, weekly or monthly sales numbers represent really performance. Through the raising levels the management, the measure of performance becomes difficult.

Comparing really Performances through Standards

This comparison of the yes, really performances through the standards will make well-known the differences and deviations. This compare the degree of difference between the actual performance and the standard. In real instance scenarios, these numbers virtually never match up completely. It is fully necessary to advice deviations to identify why the typical is not being met when performance falls quick of the standard. However managers should ensure that these deviations are not past the agree ranges.

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Taking Corrective Action

It is initiated by the manager who corrects any defects in yes, really performance. This brings us to the final step that the regulate process. If the deviations in the 3rd step room in an unacceptable range, then the firm requirements to improve their performances. And also the management must take action to get far better the actual performance of the certain in those trouble areas. After the factors for deviations have been indomitable, managers have the right to then construct up options for problems with meeting the standards and make alters to processes or behaviors.