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Comm 1500 thing 1 Quiz


1.​According to thing One, all of the following are features needed to communicate successfully with world from different cultures except

a.​ motivation

b. ​tolerance because that ambiguity

c. ​friendliness*

d. ​open-mindedness

e.​ knowledge and skill

2.​Psychologist Abraham Maslow says that the most simple human needs

a. Are created by other psychologists.

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b. Need to be satisfied prior to we issue ourselves with other ones.*

c. ​ room proof that animals ascended from lower pet forms.

d. Prove the existence of a superior being.

e. Are created by rather in interpersonal interaction.

3.Identity and communication are connected in the we​

a. Get an idea of that we room from the method others interact with us.*

b. Are drawn to communicators who test and challenge our identity.

c. Find others’ identities become our very own through communication.

d. Control interaction with ours identity.

e. are what us think.

4.​All the the following elements are had in the transactional communication model introduced in thing One except

a. Message.

b. Environment.

c. Channel.

d. Sender.*

e. Noise.

5.The settings that communicators accounting are​

a. Fields of experience that influence how they recognize others’ behavior.*

b.​ gaps the make typical understanding impossible.

c.​ the areas where they was standing or sit once they communicate.

d.​ the attitudes they have about nature.

e. The an are that they need to connect effectively.

6.Strategies you deserve to use to develop a an ext mindful and also competent layout of intercultural communication include

a. Reading.

b. passive observation.

c. Self-disclosure.

d. Talk to experts.

e. All of these*

7.Almost every messages have

a. a content dimension.

b. A relational dimension.

c. Both content and relational dimensions.*

d. No dimensions unless the communicators intend them to.

e. self-disclosure

8.Research has shown that skilled communicators attain effectiveness by

a. Utilizing the same types of actions in a wide range of situations.

b. Developing large vocabularies.

c. Apologizing once they violation others.

d. Providing lots the feedback.

e. Adjusting their actions to the person and situation.*

9.An interpersonal partnership differs from an personal one because​

a. Us share our thoughts and also feelings with each other.

b. The various other person’s life affects ours.

c. We room sad once the relationship changes or ends.

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d. We find the time invested in the connection rewarding.

e. All of the above.*

10.Which that the complying with is most clearly an instance of qualitatively interpersonal communication?