The fact star, that is an excellent friends through Angela Simmons and who is also the brother of Swizz Beatz, talked around his sexuality on last night’s installment of his we tv reality series, Growing increase Hip Hop.

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He additionally spoke come E! News around why he determined to disclose this personal tidbit come the world.


"I involved and I was simply honest and I said, ‘You recognize what, I have actually something that"s to be laying ~ above me and I just really want to phone call you males something," and also I just told them that ns am gay and just recognize as me," King said E!.

"They were simply really proud that me and happy and also they all offered me so much love and also just really said, you know, this is big.

"This is bigger 보다 you doing your fact , this is her reality. That felt so good to get the love."

Like so many other celebrities (and, heck, world in general) who have actually come out of the closest, King went on come say that hearing his family"s reaction to his news was a an extremely "powerful" minute for him.

"It to be so embracive and there was so lot love, that felt choose such a load lifted off of me," he noted.


How go his famous brother react?

Or his well known sister-in-law, Alicia Keys?

King stated he was "nervous" to do his confession come them, but...

"I said I wish ns would"ve come to them so much earlier and I most likely wouldn"t have gone with so numerous things that I"ve been through," the explained, adding:

"They literally to be like, ‘Dre, it"s OK, we love you. We accept you no issue what. It"s every good. It"s all love.""


King concludes the Simmons has actually been nothing yet supportive and helpful v this time.

And that does have actually some advice for anyone else thinking of do a comparable announcement come friends, family members or love ones.

"I"m type of glad that everything"s happening now, every little thing happens for a reason and also timing is everything…I feel prefer it"s a brand-new journey, it"s a brand-new chapter and also it"s just great things.

"There"s been so much an excellent feedback from my friends, my family and people that simply know me. I deserve to say it"s a an effective thing the I"m doing and also people are favor you"re walk to accumulate someone rather to do the exact same thing, to come out and also just let people know it"s yes to it is in you.

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"It"s yes to be different. It"s honestly dope to be different."



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