This bachelorette is obtainable from the start of the game. She resides with her mother, Veronica, in ~ the Guild Hall and works in the back-office clinic with doctor Marian. She likes to store to an effective schedule, and will avoid Marion if his conversations start to wander indigenous the object of his patient"s diagnosis. Angela is greatly concerned with the health and wellness of her mother, as she feel Veronica doesn"t take enough time to care for herself.

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You"ll discover Angela working in the clinic many of the time. As soon as she is working, she will certainly wander native shelf come shelf, tending to the items that she finds there. Once she is working at the shelves girlfriend won"t have the ability to give her a gift. You"ll need to wait till she stands ago up.

Birthday: Winter 2

Favorite Wrapping record Colors: Blue or White

Favorite Outfits: Blue work Clothes, White Streetwear, Orange job-related Outfit, sailor Uniform, sailor Scarf, Violet Hakama & Apron, Yellow Hakama & Apron, Sky-Blue Raincoat, Casual Jacket, Yellow Plaid Raincoat, Pink Casual Jacket, Dashing Prince Uniform, Cobolt Hoodie, Cool black color Vest, Winter Knit, White Doctors" Uni., White Habit, White Ninja Garb, wonder Girl Costume, super Maid"s Uniform

Favorite Accessories: Blue Framed Glasses, round Glasses, White Framed Glasses

Liked animals (+150 FP): Cats, Dogs, and also Lemurs

Gift Preferences

Favorite Gift (+1000 FP)

Fall Herb Tea = autumn Tea leaves + a herb. The recipe deserve to be purchased because that 2600 G indigenous Susanne the travel salesperson. The hiccup is the reality that she"s a traveling salesperson. She and the other two, Reiner and also Dmitri, will visit her house starting after autumn 7 of year 2. You"ll receive among the travellers a minimum of 20 days apart; the longer it is in between visits, the better the chance of see one as soon as you leave your house. The salespersons will certainly rotate,and girlfriend can"t inquiry a particular one. Also then, the item that he/she uses is random and it is collection in development (i.e., you can"t just reload your game and hope the human offers miscellaneous different. I"ve tried, that doesn"t work). You"ll have to gain lucky and hope that Susanne selling the autumn Herb recipe when she stop by.

Loved presents (+500 FP)

Instead of do the tea, you deserve to simply offer her Spring Tea Leaves, Summer Tea Leaves, or Fall Tea Leaves. The Tea tree seedlings can be purchased native Asche at Silk nation for 1260 G beginning in autumn of year 1. You can plant the bushes on your very own farm; you don"t have to wait until you have actually won the rights to usage the Tea field from the conquest rival competition.

Angela loves all other tea drink recipes including Apple Tea, Cherry Tea, vegetables Tea, feather Tea, Summer Milk Tea, and so on. Sometimes you have the right to receive Earl Gray Tea and Milk Tea from completing trade Depot merchant requests.

Liked gifts (+300 FP)

She likes all vegetable crops the you have the right to grow: Turnip, Tomato, Corn, Watermelon, etc. Angela additionally likes all gold crops, every tree fruit (Lemon, Orange, etc.), all herbs, Tomato Salad, and Walnut Bread. She additionally likes white objects: Snowdrop flower, White Rose, Lily, and also white jewelry.

Disliked presents (-300 FP)

Wine, junk items prefer Empty Can and Fish Bones, Rock and Pebble, Scrap Ore, Aloe Juice, Carrot Juice, cacao Juice, honey Shake, Lassi, huge fish (Catfish, Conger Eel, etc.), and also giant fish-based cooking recipes.

Hated presents (-500 FP)

Grass Drink and also Poison Mushroom

HORROR Gift (-800 FP)

Spicy Curry (cooked recipe)

Flower Events


» Oak Tree town Guild Hall, second floor» 19:00 come 23:00» any day the the week» clear weather» Angela has actually 5000 FP or more

Angela describes that she was reading books around guilds. The guild is not something you get by hereditary. In order come take end the guild, it has to be authorized by everyone in the village and she mother. Right now she doesn"t have any plans to prevent her work-related as a nurse, because she desires to assistance her mom any way she can. Once it comes time because that her mother to retire, Angela desires to be she successor, therefore she requirements to do her best efforts now.

You think that"s admirable, but Angela has actually her doubts. She asks if girlfriend think she could end up being the guildmaster?

Choice 1: of course!

Result: +2000 FP through Angela

You say that with such confidence. You define it is due to the fact that she is gentle and responsible. Angela figures that would be a description of Lillie, yet hearing it from you, who came from another town, renders her happy. She wants to proceed reading some more, and also excuses herself.

Choice 2: Maybe...

Result: -1000 FP with Angela

Your words room a tiny misleading. Perhaps you don"t see her as a suitable guildmaster. You scare a tiny bit, but Angela numbers it is since you know her well. She many thanks you for her opinion though. Angela wants to check out some more, and also excuses herself.


» Walk from Oak Tree town (east) come Oak Tree city (west), northern pathway» 11:00 come 14:00» Sunday» clear weather» Angela is at a violet flower color or higher» You have seen Angela"s white flower event

Lillie and also Angela are talking together when Lillie tells Angela the she needs to go. She easily runs off, leaving you and also Angela alone. The nurse defines that she had actually been telling Lillie the legend that the pond in the mountain, where you placed something right into the pond and receive a wish. A goddess lives in the pond and also she will give you one wish, or at the very least that is exactly how the story goes. If such a pond exist you should offer it a try.

Angela marvels if it would be an excellent to wish to win the lottery or to use magic. She asks girlfriend what you would wish because that if the story around the pond to be true.

Choice 1: To be the world"s ideal farmer (+500 FP through Angela)

Angela numbers that you would certainly ask for something choose that. However surely the is far better to make the dream come true by your own hands and accomplishments? Angela desires you to perform your best, together she feels the you deserve to do it. She has actually something she needs to do, and thanks friend for your time.

Choice 2: come be better friends through Angela (+2000 FP with Angela)

Angela is a little embarrassed, and also asks why you would certainly go to the pond come wish because that that. You wouldn"t obtain any benefit if you just wished come became far better friends with her! you don"t seem come care, because it would certainly make you happy. Angela thinks the you"d being foolish to usage your one-time wish for that and suggests the you choose something else. You can"t just wish because that a person"s feelings. Angela claims that if you desire to be better friends through her, climate you should face her and also be an ext sincere!

Angela i do not care embarrassed and also isn"t certain why she said that. It"s simply the strange things you"ve said that have actually caused she to respond in together an unusual way. Angela thanks you for your time.

After she walks away, Angela thinks to herself how strange you are to desire to become better friends with her.

Choice 3: I"d desire something come eat (-1000 FP through Angela)

Angela argues that you simply go come the restaurant if that"s what you would request. Raeger could grant her wish if girlfriend just provide him some money. Angela isn"t impressed through your response, and says she has actually something she requirements to do.

You must provide Angela a Ring to see her staying flower events. You can make a Ring once using the Sewing Studio accessory bench, by combine a silver- ore and a Fluorite. Provide the Ring top top a sunny Saturday or Sunday prior to 11:00 pm once Angela has actually a blue flower color or greater and you have actually seen the white and purple flower events.


» Oak Tree Guild Hall, second floor» 19:00 come 23:00» not Sunday» clear weather» Angela has a yellow flower color or higher» You room going steady with Angela

Upstairs, Angela is by herself so friend ask her the end on a date. She agrees, for this reason the 2 of girlfriend head the end to the leg in the Piedmont area. Angela comments exactly how it appears that you"re enjoying yourself, yet she wonders exactly how she is so entertaining to you.

Choice 1: because you"re a girl

Result: -1000 FP with Angela

Ah, therefore she deserve to conclude that you"d be happy with any type of girl. You shot to cover your tracks, however it is no use; Angela is not in a very an excellent mood anymore. She decides come head back home.

Choice 2: due to the fact that you"re you

Result: +3000 FP through Angela

Angela becomes embarrassed with how straight you"re being v her, and warns friend to begin softening her words else she heart can not be able to take it. She could keel over dead within the next few years! She suggests that you have to work ~ above being much more careful v her heart for your following date, while she works on trying to avoid her love from racing the end of control.

This occasion ends at your farm yard house.

Event Helpers: Nick, Tenside, Shane R.,


» Oak Tree town Guild Hall, Clinic room» 7:30 to 12:00» no Sunday» clear weather» Angela has actually a pink flower color or higher» Veronica has actually 10,000 FP or more» Marian has 5000 FP or more» You space going steady with Angela» You have actually seen Angela"s yellow flower event

Angela appears to be reasoning of something, and your suddenly appearance startled her. You notice she is acting differently, yet she requests the you come ago when she isn"t liven working. As she walks away, Angela collapses. You insist that she lie down and rest. She insists the she doesn"t have the time to rest.

Choice 1: placed her come bed

Result: +3000 FP with Angela, +1000 FP with Veronica

It takes some persuasion, however Angela lastly goes come bed for some rest.

It transforms out that Angela is enduring from a cold. Marian describes that she"ll be much better after some rest. The doctor is bothered the Angela hid this native him, and even that couldn"t tell the she wasn"t well. He"s glad that you were able to recognize that other wasn"t right. Veronica claims that also when she to be a child, Angela would never ever let her understand if she wasn"t feeling well. Sometimes Angela didn"t also realize herself the she to be sick. Veronica many thanks you for noticing her daughter"s health condition.

After Marian leaves, Veronica admits the she doesn"t feel favor she is a very good parent. She defines that after her husband passed away, at some point Angela caught a cold. Veronica didn"t think lot of it, yet when she returned house that night she discovered Angela passed out at the kitchen table. It was Veronica"s birthday, and Angela had forced herself to do a most birthday food come celebrate, then tired herself waited up for her mother to come home. At the point, Veronica had made decision that she needed to watch over her daughter more, yet Angela additionally subconsciously adjusted to more hide any kind of sickness symptoms. Veronica feels the she may have pushed her daughter also hard and didn"t tell her to stop and also rest more often.

You assure Veronica that she isn"t a failure together a parent. Veronica requests that you it is in there because that her since she plainly can"t execute it. She wishes that someday Angela could learn that she doesn"t have to hold every little thing in, and also that she can lean on her (and you) because that help. Veronica also requests the you don"t speak anything come Angela around your conversation, as she"ll feel responsible for her mommy stepping away from she work.

After Veronica leaves, Angela sit up in bed. She to be awake the entire time! Angela didn"t recognize that her mommy felt the way. Her mother is not a parenting failure; in fact, she is really proud of she mom. After her dad happen away, Veronica had actually stepped up to run the guild on her own. She to be so busy the Angela might tell the her mother couldn"t tell once something to be wrong, especially due to the fact that she tried so hard to hide any type of problems she had. Angela figured that keeping these points from her would not load her liven mom, but it seems that she to be wrong. Native her suffer with patients, Angela knows how sad a parent would certainly be if the kid was trying hard to not be a burden. If her very own daughter to be doing the same thing, Angela admits the it would be pains for her to watch. Angela vows to speak to she mom and ensure that neither among them are one-sidedly taking treatment of the other.

Angela thanks you for forcing she to rest, and also how you"ve assisted her to adjust her relationship with her mommy for the better.

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Choice 2: Stand back and watch

Result: -2000 FP v Angela

Angela becomes annoyed. She is very busy and also again requests the you come back later. Marian go in and also greets you, yet then Angela faints indigenous exhaustion. Marian rushes to her side, and also determines that his nurse is to run a fever. The doctor likewise becomes annoyed at you; how could you not tell the she was unwell? Marian demands that you leave, and you run out the the clinic before having to face his wrath. Later, girlfriend hear the she had caught a cold.