For far too long I curated my Animal Crossing: new Horizons island without ever before stopping to customize my island flag through a tradition design. While you can definitely sit down and painstakingly produce your own, there’s a much easier strategy available: downloading them online. We’ve trawled through miscellaneous Animal Crossing areas on the hunt for part flag designs and also have 14 highlighted listed below for your own use.

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To get these top top your own island, head on over to the Able sisters shop and also interact with the kiosk in the corner. There you can enter the custom style code to be carried straight to the pattern. You can also enter the creator password and likewise see everything else that person has actually uploaded via their own kiosk.

Please do let us recognize if any kind of of these space no longer easily accessible on the creator’s page!


Animal crossing Flag Designs

Sunset City

Creator: AutumnCustom architecture Code: MO-7SMG-5H4P-639NCreator Code: MA-4534-5281-8931


Black stays Matter

Black resides Matter. For an ext information, inspect out our post highlighting black led gaming institutions which also highlights organizations to donate to, and specifies other means to it is in an allied in response to the death of George Floyd, racism, and also police brutality.

Creator: ChrisCustom style Code: MO-65Q6-YSWW-2KK6Creator Code: MA-4796-4545-1269


Pride Flags (w/out Labels)

Yuri has recreated many pride flags because that your use in New Horizons. If there’s a pride flag missing that you desire included, leaving a comment and we’ll gain it added!

Creator: YuriCreator Code: MA-4026-8512-8237


Pride Flags (w/ Labels)

For once you’re tired of answering what your flag means.

Creator: DidiCreator Code: MA-1286-7739-7062


MoonWave Island

Next we’ve got a handful of design by Apel. Not all of them to be intended for flags, however they’re far better than average!

Creator: ApelCustom design Code: MO-PQQ9-KK05-VRY4Creator Code: MA-4312-9887-0565



It’s not the lemur native Avatar or the scary bird person thing that ns really hate, i beg your pardon is all that matters.

Creator: ApelCustom architecture Code: MO-01NY-27VS-2J41Creator Code: MA-4312-9887-0565



Is you’re island grounding in the 1990’s?

Creator: ApelCustom design Code: MO-RFB0-Q1GL-YS92Creator Code: MA-4312-9887-0565


VHS Dreams

Creator: ApelCustom design Code: MO-6Q1D-QYMV-LBTQCreator Code: MA-4312-9887-0565


Sailor Moon

I to be the pretty Guardian that fights because that love and also justice!

Creator: AuraCustom architecture Code: MO-3D93-FD9M-8XYNCreator Code: MA-3970-5788-2973


Flag Sunset

Creator: exenosCustom style Code: MO-62W2-6F4J-G32HCreator Code: MA-4567-5503-7426More pier colors available via Creator Code


HoneyBrook Flag

For the bee lovers out there.

Creator: KahCustom architecture Code: MO-YNKV-9891-NJS6Creator Code: MA-0612-0286-3342


The Aviary Flag

Honestly no clue what this flag is, but it’s the exact same creator together the next flag which you may have seen before so we contained it.

Creator: Z.G.BirdCustom architecture Code: MO-F4NF-XGH6-5DYDCreator Code: MA-8567-0923-5084


Sokovian Flag

Creator: Z.G.BirdCustom design Code: MO-BRWR-3P2T-2VXNCreator Code: MA-8567-0923-5084


Canadian AC Flag

It’s Canada yet Animal Crossing.

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Creator: DeeCustom style Code: MO-7W4D-1N6S-9XGGCreator Code: MA-6923-7657-3943

And that’s it for now! have actually you found some flag designs that you’d introduce to other players? permit us understand in the comment below. There will constantly be folks on the lookout for the next new thing.