Our brand new replacement battery collection for the APC BACK-UPS pro BP1000 Uninterruptible power Supply (UPS) unit consists of 2 SigmasTek SP12-12HR batteries (12 Volts 12 AH). Please note that you have to use every existing cables and hardware from your initial configuration in order to connect the new UPS batteries.

The instead of APC BACK-UPS agree BP1000 UPS batteries have actually the following characteristics:

High price Discharge DesignValve Regulated pour out Proof ConstructionLow Self-dischargeHigh Vibration ResistanceU.L. Recognized and also CE CertifiedSuperior power Brand New, factory Fresh1 Year WarrantyThe instead of batteries for APC BACK-UPS pro BP1000 can be provided in the adhering to applications: Uninterruptible strength Supply (UPS) UnitsEmergency power SupplyBattery powered ToolsOur replacement batteries because that the APC BACK-UPS agree BP1000 UPS unit are specially designed because that high price discharge UPS applications, when greater power output is required over short period of time. Our technically savvy employee personally tests all of our UPS batteries and also they room guaranteed to meet or exceed the OEM specifications.You have the right to read our quick Battery Buying overview to learn an ext about essential battery characteristics.If girlfriend need much more help purchasing instead of batteries for the APC BACK-UPS agree BP1000, please call our customer organization department at (800) 657-1303 or e-mail us. Our experienced and also knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.For bigger orders and quantity discounts please fill out our acquire a Quote Form.Buy her replacement batteries because that the APC BACK-UPS pro BP1000 UPS unit v confidence today! You acquire superior lengthy life batteries and also the ideal price on the market. Orders for in-stock item are frequently shipped in ~ 24 hours. NOTE: These space Rechargeable Sealed Lead mountain (SLA) Batteries. The photo shown over is because that illustrative functions only. Carry out not hesitation to call us if girlfriend need an ext information about the ease of access of a details brand.
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