Emma Roberts is a family name in the entertain industry, and also not just due to the fact that she\"s the nephew of America\"s sweetheart, Julia Roberts. The actress very first burst into the film business with a guest-starring role on \"Drake & Josh,\" as well as a couple of other movies choose \"Blow\" and \"Grand Champion\" (via IMDb). Indigenous there, she starred on Nickelodeon\"s \"Unfabulous,\" and also of course, go on come truly do a name for herself through starring roles in \"American horror Story,\" \"It\"s sort of a Funny Story,\" \"Scream Queens,\" and more.

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Not only is Roberts known for her acting chops, the \"AHS\" star has been making headlines for she high-profile relationships since the late 2000s, and has date celebs choose Alex Pettyfer, Chord Overstreet, and also of course, she \"American fear Story\" co-star and also \"One Tree Hill\" alum Evan Peters.

In one interview v Cosmopolitan ahead of turning 30 year old, Roberts reflect on all of the trials and also tribulations of she headline-making love life, telling the outlet (via People), \"At 16, i thought, \"By the time I\"m 24, I\"ll be married v kids. And then i was 24 and I to be like, \"Remember as soon as I stated I would certainly be married with children by now?\"\" and while Roberts has now worked out down through \"On The Road\" actor Garrett Hedlund, that was quite the journey obtaining to she happily ever after, as shown by her complicated dating history, which is described below.

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Emma Roberts started gaining notoriety in the acting civilization after appearing on Nickelodeon\"s \"Unfabulous\" indigenous 2004 come 2007 (via IMDb). 

Around the moment the beloved teen comedy series ended, Roberts showed up in movies prefer \"Aquamarine,\" \"Nancy Drew,\" and also \"Hotel for Dogs,\" prior to starring in 2008\"s \"Wild Child,\" whereby she met hunky blonde actor Alex Pettyfer and began her an initial of numerous high-profile relationships.

Per us Weekly, the pair dated for around a year, and although the actors to be young at the time, it seems like Pettyfer and Roberts were yes, really serious, considering the \"Beastly\" star reportedly gained Roberts\" name tattooed on that finger to prove his love and loyalty come the \"American fear Story\" star. \"I got a girl\"s surname tattooed on mine ring finger due to the fact that I remained in love,\" Pettyfer revealed come Glamour U.K. In 2010. \"We\"ve damaged up, yet I don\"t live in regret.\"

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After separating with Alex Pettyfer, Emma Roberts was connected to pro skateboarder and star that MTV\"s \"Life the Ryan,\" Ryan Sheckler, in 2009 (via us Weekly). The same year, the \"We\"re the Millers\" alum started dating UCLA college student Dathan Kuppin and their partnership lasted about two years before the pair called that quits in 2011.

Shortly after her separation with Kuppin, Roberts was linked to \"Glee\" star Chord Overstreet after being spotted at Coachella together in April 2011. The pair break-up in January 2012; however, in April the year, Roberts and Overstreet decided to offer their relationship one more go. \"They are back together,\" a source told E! News at the time. \"Ultimately they reap spending time together and also they want to give it another shot. They make each various other laugh and also they space both really supportive the one another\"s successes.\"

A small over a month after rekindling their romance, a source told Star Magazine the the pair had actually finally split for good, telling the outlet, \"They\"re done. The last few weeks have actually been really rough\" (via day-to-day Mail). \"They posed for pictures. After that, the two were on opposite sides of the VIP section,\" the source added, introduce to the pair attending the Nylon Young Hollywood party together a couple of weeks prior. \"It\"s a really immature relationship. Every they did to be fight.\"

Evan Peters and also Emma Roberts began their years-long, on-and-off relationship after meeting on the set of \"Adult World\" in 2012; however, the pair didn\"t actually begin dating till filming wrapped. \"Everyone thought we dated on the movie and also we didn\"t — no for a long time after,\" she revealed to late night talk display host Chelsea Handler top top an episode of \"Chelsea Lately\" (via PopSugar). \"I actually, top top the set, to be like, \"Oh yeah, we\"re entirely gonna date.\" and I would, like, flirt through him, which ended up looking like I had something in mine eye since I\"d be like, \"Hey, what\"s up?\" and also he accurate didn\"t speak come me the entire movie. He assumed I was so weird.\"

In 2013, Roberts make headlines ~ she assaulted Peters in a Montreal hotel and also was arrested for domestic violence, signaling the couple\"s very first of many bumps in your roller coaster relationship. \"It to be an regrettably incident and misunderstanding,\" a share statement from their reps check out at the time (via People). \"Ms. Roberts to be released ~ questioning and also the couple are working with each other to relocate past it.\"

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In January 2014, Evan Peters proposed come Emma Roberts, however, the pair dubbed off your engagement in June 2015. \"They flourished apart,\" a source dished to civilization at the time. \"They both had a lot of farming to do and it was better that they perform it on your own.\"

Another resource opened increase to just Jared about the couple\"s split, telling the outlet, \"Their 3 years together simply ran that course. They have actually so many great memories together yet couldn\"t make it work in the end. The breakup to be amicable — there was no drama whatsoever. Emma and also Evan are also still friends!\"

Just three months after ~ calling their engagement off, the \"American fear Story\" co-stars to be spotted hold hands, and a resource told E! News the the pair were \"seeing each various other again.\" In may 2016, the pair split yet again, and Evans apparently deleted every traces of Roberts ~ above his Instagram (via PopSugar), return multiple resources told united state Weekly at the moment that their split was \"amicable.\"

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Just one month after splitting with Evan Peters for the second time, Emma Roberts was linked to a director named Christopher Hines, that she was introduced to via their common friend, fashion designer Brit Elkin (via PopSugar). \"Chris is just one of the many understanding and also laid-back guys,\" an insider revealed to us Weekly in ~ the time. \"They\"ve been date for a little under a month.\"

Hines and Roberts were photographed together on plenty of occasions and judging through the pics, the two weren\"t fear of engaging in too much PDA, as they were holding hands and also canoodling every time they to be photographed together. However, their relationship was short-lived, together the pair called the quits a couple of months after an initial getting together. 

The factor for the split? Roberts and also Evans couldn\"t stay away native one another, and the \"AHS\" co-stars chose to provide their relationship one more shot in September 2016 (via us Weekly).

The beloved lovebirds just couldn\"t continue to be away indigenous one another, can they? After taking yet another short-lived break, Emma Roberts and also Evan Peters rekindled your roller coaster romantic in September 2016 after Roberts break-up with director Christopher Hines. 

Roberts and Peters acquired re-engaged in November that year, follow to one insider who gave Us Weekly the inside scoop about the on-again, off-again couple. \"Emma and also Evan are involved again,\" the source revealed. \"She\"s been wearing she ring top top set. Anyone on set knows.\"

However, in 2017, the pair made headlines yet again after Roberts allegedly was involved in one inappropriate relationship with she \"Little Italy\" co-star, Hayden Christensen, who remained in a decade-long connection with \"Hart the Dixie\" star Rachel Bilson at the time (via The Blast). Bilson reportedly discovered text message from Roberts on Christensen\"s phone, and also ended their relationship shortly after.

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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters continued to be together after the \"Scream Queens\" star\"s scandal, however, the pair ultimately referred to as it quits in early on 2019. \"Emma and also Evan to be heading because that a split and also now are just friends,\" one resource told us Weekly, adding, \"Evan has actually moved out. The wasn\"t a bad breakup.\"

Although that was initially reported that the couple\"s split was amicable, another source told the outlet in October the their partnership was very toxic. \"Evan was so in love with Emma and their relationship became really toxic,\" the source dished. \"They had actually the highest possible highs and then would certainly not speak for days. He took a long time of figuring himself the end again before he was prepared to date.\"

Peters then relocated on through singer Halsey in September the 2019, and also Roberts conveniently moved on quickly after their final split, sparking romantic rumors v \"Country Strong\" actor Garrett Hedlund the exact same month she and Evans ended their relationship.

In in march 2019, Emma Roberts and also Garrett Hedlund sustained romance rumors after ~ they were spotted walking arm-in-arm in the Los Angeles hipster community of silver- Lake. \" had his arm approximately for a bit and then they to be holding hands,\" a source shared v Us Weekly. \"Garrett and Emma have actually been friends, yet this is new, casual, and just a couple of weeks old.\"

In respectable 2020, Roberts took to Instagram to share some exciting news, confirming that she and also Hedlund to be expecting their first child together after rumors of she pregnancy started to make headlines in June (via us Weekly). \"Garrett think Emma is amazing. They will certainly be good parents,\" an insider called People, adding that the pair were \"very serious\" and \"beyond excited to be having a boy.\"

Roberts provided birth come a beautiful baby boy, that they named Rhodes Robert Hedlund, in December 2020. \"Having a newborn in the pandemic has been a lot of harder 보다 either of castle expected, yet they\"re really, really trying their best to figure things out,\" a source told People. \"Garrett completely stepped it up after Emma was still recovering after providing birth. That made certain that their home was stocked with things that Emma liked and also needed for this reason she feeling comfortable. She\"s just starting to get ago into a more \"normal\" routine.\"