First graders are really cute. The was absolutely one the my favorite grades! We constantly think around how us wish we were them because their curriculum is so easy.

However, is the really that easy? If you want to discover out if you are smarter 보다 a an initial grader you can take this quiz. Ns hope you reap it and great luck!

Created by: Kevie

What is 10 to add 1,000? 101,000 2 1,010 64 Uh... This is embarrassingHow perform you order this? vegetables Vegatable Vedgetable VeggetableWhat does U.S.A stand for? Union states of Arabs United says of America Under the Subcontinent farming United website of AtlasWhich one is a major color? Orange Brown Teal eco-friendly Blue PurpleWhich one is one adjective? Table cotton She run Red20 - 20 = x x = 3 x = 0 x = -6 x = 1Which one is a continent? Nepal Asia brand-new York City southern Africa BrazilWhat is "one" in Spanish? Unu Tre One Una UWhat temperature walk water freeze? 32 levels C 0 levels F 50 levels C 32 degrees FA negative plus a an unfavorable equals a ____? fill in the blank.

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confident Either a optimistic or a an unfavorable Negative i don"t know There are an adverse numbers?

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Quiz topic: Am i smarter 보다 a an initial grader?

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