Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj struggle the American Music Awards phase together Sunday night to carry out their song “Side come Side.”

The performance had actually the audience to dance in the aisles featured an elaborate tropical collection complete with sand and also palm trees, an entourage of backup dancers and a complete swing grind train.

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The AMA phase isn’t brand-new to one of two people of the popular music vocalists; this year’s performance of your hit song marked their 2nd AMA power together.

Grande has actually now carry out at 4 consecutive AMAs, an initial in2013 to v “The Way” and “Tattooed Heart,” again in 2014 through “Bang, Bang” together Jessie J and also Minaj and also “Love Me Harder” through The Weeknd, and then in 2015 through her hit solitary “Focus.”

Minaj additionally took the AMA phase for the fourth time ~ performinga medley that “Sweat,” “Turn Me On” and also “Super Bass” v David Guetta in 2011, adhered to by a solo power of“Freedom” in 2012, and also then a solo “Bed of Lies” performance and also the “Bang, Bang”collaboration in 2014.

Minaj is additionally scheduled to execute “Do girlfriend Mind” v DJ Khaled, respectable Alsina, Future and also Rick Ross in ~ Sunday night’s AMAs.

A three-time AMA nominee, Grande is up because that 2016’s highest possible honor, artist that the year.

Minajis a six-time AMA winner and also eight-time nominee.


Other artists reserved to perform encompass Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, Maroon 5 and also Kendrick Lamar, James Bay, Carlos Vives, 5th Harmony, Lady Gaga, DJ Khaled, environment-friendly Day, man Legend, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, Twenty One Pilots, The Weeknd, a unique duet from The Chainsmokers and Halsey, and also the American Music compensation of Merit honoree and performer Sting.

The nominations because that the fan-voted awards show, produced by prick Clark Productions, to be revealed last month. Drake leads v a record 13 noms, if Rihanna has actually seven and also Adele and Justin Bieber each have actually five. Beyonce and also The Chainsmokersfollow very closely behind with four andBryson Tiller, Twenty One Pilots, Carrie Underwood, Fetty Wap and the Weekndeach have three. Store up v the recent winners here.

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The 2016 American Music Awards show, airing on ABC, is executive created by Allen Shapiro and also Mike Mahan, with Larry Klein, Barry Adelman and Mark Bracco serving as producers.




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