DJ Khaled hit the American Music Awards stage with Nicki Minaj, august Alsina, Future and also Rick Ross top top Sunday night to carry out their brand-new song “Do friend Mind.”

Palm trees and also a starry night collection the backdrop forthe artists throughout their performance. Minaj and Khaledstarted out the set together, introducing Alsina a couple of minutes in, climate Future and finally stack Ross midway through. The five artists, every wearing largely black, closed the end the performance together.

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Khaled, Alsina, Future and Ross every made your performance debut in ~ the AMAs.

Minaj also took the AMA stage for the 4th time after ~ performinga medley that “Sweat,” “Turn Me On” and also “Super Bass” with David Guetta in 2011, complied with by a solo power of“Freedom” in 2012, and also then a solo “Bed that Lies” performance and also the “Bang, Bang”collaboration in 2014.

Minaj is additionally scheduled to carry out “Side come Side” through Ariana Grande at Sunday night’s AMAs.

Other artists booked to do at the AMAs include Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, Maroon 5 and also Kendrick Lamar, James Bay, Carlos Vives, fifth Harmony, Lady Gaga, green Day, john Legend, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, Twenty One Pilots, The Weeknd, The Chainsmokers and Halsey, and the American Music award of Merit honoree and performer Sting.

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The nominations for the fan-voted awards show, developed by penis Clark Productions, to be revealed earlier this month. Drake leads v a record 13 noms, if Rihanna has actually seven and also Adele and Justin Bieber each have actually five. Beyonce and also The Chainsmokersfollow closely behind with four andBryson Tiller, Twenty One Pilots, Carrie Underwood, Fetty Wap and the Weekndeach have actually three. Keep up v the recent winners here.

The 2016 American Music Awards, airing ~ above ABC, is executive produced by Allen Shapiro and also Mike Mahan, v Larry Klein, Barry Adelman and also Mark Bracco serving as producers.

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