Liam Hemsworth walk AWOL; Teresa Palmer, Austin Stowell, and also Aimee Teegarden likewise in speak to Join. AWOL is the directorial debut the Danny Mooney.

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Liam Hemsworth, that is currently filming The Hunger Games, has signed on for the Vietnam-era indie flick, AWOL. Currently, Teresa Palmer (I am Number Four), Austin Stowell (Puncture) and also Aimee Teegarden (Scream 4) are in negotiations, while chris Lowell (Up in the Air) and Max Adler (Glee) space in talks to co-star in the pic as well. Hemsworth will star together the ideal friend and also comrade-in-arms come Stowell, whose stateside girl friend (Teegarden) dumps him. Together, they walk AWOL and also return to your Michigan hometown to victory her back. Sounding like much less of a battle movie and more of a wartime love story, AWOL is collection amidst the anti-war counterculture activity at the university of Michigan. Danny Mooney’s directorial debut is slated come start production in Ann Arbor in mid-July. Struggle the jump for more info on the major actors’ upcoming projects.

AWOL spreading news come courtesy of range and features a roster the fresh-faced young gibbs on the rise. Hemsworth, that plays Gale Hawthorne in the abovementioned The Hunger Games, is known for starring in The last Song v Miley Cyrus. He can next be watched alongside Dwayne Johnson and also Anthony Hopkins in Arabian Nights. Stowell is ideal known for his TV job and function in The an enig Life the the American Teenager, but can be seen in the heartwarming Dolphin Tale this fall.

The female leader will attribute Teresa Palmer, who was recently seen in Take Me residence Tonight, and Aimee Teegarden, known for her reoccurring function in NBC"s Friday Night Lights TV series. Palmer will star in the upcoming mystery, Say Nothing, is rumored to be in the adaptation that Isaac Marion’s zombie romantic novel, Warm Bodies, and also will it is in in the new installment of the Mad Max franchise, Mad Max: rage Road. Teegarden will certainly star together Dennis Quaid in mystery/thriller Beneath the Darkness and in the surfing adventure, Beautiful Wave.

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