Twenty-three-year-old Avery Schlereth certainly shows up to be a frontrunner ~ above the fact show Catching Kelce. The young gorgeous aspiring design charmed NFL star Travis Kelce from day one ~ above 35-yard heat of the LA coliseum, with her great looks and Football pedigree. And the an ext I learn about her the more I think Travis Kelce may need to “catch” Avery if she wins.

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Here space some amazing things come know around Miss Avery.

9 points to know around Catching Kelce’ Avery Schlereth

1: She doesn’t in reality live in Colorado.

Yes, that’s right. Just since she fronts for the state the Colorado doesn’t mean she actually lives there. Avery grew up in Denver, Colorado yet recently moved to Los Angeles to go after a job in acting and also modeling. That knows, perhaps she will certainly make in search of love on fact television right into a full time job like many other truth stars have done.

2: This is not her an initial reality show.

Avery has starred in a series of truth shows consisting of an MTV reality show and a Lifetime truth show. In other words the girl has a resume and also I don’t mean her to do anything that can interfere through a future in truth television.

3: Avery’s entire family had a reality present called Reality Stinks.

In this illustration Avery is struggling in school….apparently both Daniel and also Avery are not doing an excellent in school. I love the in this video clip Avery celebrates the she had the ability to raise she F in math to a D. When her parents appeal to Avery’s math teachers to check out if she might get a C, they room doubtful.

Her father is starring on Guiding Light throughout this illustration as well.

4: she sister is a little of a TV star.

Alexandria Schlereth is an actress and producer, well-known for Desire (2006) MyNetworkTV, Oh Baby!(2008) and BarFly (2011).

5: She is part Japanese!

Yes this blonde beauty deserve to probably credit several of her beauty to exotic ethnic background and her Japanese grandmother on her mom Lisa’s side

Source: Instagram

6: Her family is an extremely wealthy. She fathers approximated net precious is $6 million.

7: Her family members is really Christian. Yep, in spite of Avery’s racy modeling picture she and also her family members are an extremely Christian. Dad note is a publicly speaker and also often credits God because that pushing him past the long odds to his success.

8: her brother Daniel Schlereth is a experienced baseball player. He’s a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

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9: She’s one aunt. Her brother Daniel Schlereth married his longtime girlfriend, collegiate gymnast, Breanne Workman on November 14, 2010, and also they have actually a daughter, Quinn Brielle Schlereth.

Catching Kelce airs Wed. October 5th, at 8|7c on E!

9 points to know around E’s brand-new Bachelor Travis Kelce

One contestant vying because that the heart of Travis is Tanner Tolbert’s little sister Kara!

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