Fun truth around this visit to Katrina: I had just gotten awful news from work; that they were downsizing and also were going to demote and carry me to a various area, which I did not want to perform at all.

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Katrina's message to me was that to stop the bad fortune from befalling me, I required to wear a long sleeve shirt. Obviously in-game, yet I was so catatonic and also depressed about what was happening that the next day I decided to wear my long sleeved uniform to work even though it wasn't especially cold that day.

Lo and also beorganize, I obtained an interwatch to a (hopefully) good new task, which is tomorrow.

Katrina, FTW.

I'm glad points turned out well for you.

I say this quote occasionally to people that seem prefer they're in a bad mood. Typically they crack a smile, and one time I discovered a fellow Animal Crossing player.

In the Germale translation, she says : "And remember...Bad luck is simply luck, that isn't present".

Thought you could wanna recognize...

I've been having some problems lately and I've been reasoning the same thing when I go to see her. Sometimes that's the only reason I spfinish the bells!

I've been wanting to cross-stitch her quote for a while currently. I think it'd be a cool thing to hang up by your front door and walk by day-to-day.

I loved that quote! After a couple of moments I believed "Wait is this intended to be a joke?" Even if it is, it's still nice to think around.

Exactly! I suppose its noticeable that negative times are just times that are negative and also its kind of funny because its like saying "yellow ducks are simply ducks that are yellow" yet it breaks it dvery own to what it really is, and makes it seem choose the "bad" point isn't the huge deal you operated it up to be, kind of puts points right into perspective.

That's really assisted me actually, many thanks for posting this :) little of a poor week: first I drop my 3ds in water and also break it, then my guinea pig passes ameans :'(

It's the little details about animal crossing that always keeps me going ago to the game. Good luck through the interview!

It's concerned the majority of Eastern viewpoint. Particularly Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Part of gaining even more insight to your life (and mastering it) originates from detaching your identity and/or ego from the scenarios of your life. Your body, the occasions that take place in your life, and your thoughts are not actually that you are, but rather manifestations that you have restricted manage over. Your significance is all that matters.

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So in effect: bad times really are simply times that are bad. Your life or that you are perform not become poor. And it's a pain to really grok that lesson. It's hard to detach yourself from the physical manifestation of you and also your life.

(Sorry, just had to throw this in considering that Eastern philosophy is cool and is most likely wbelow Katrina's quote came from)


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