Santa’s back at the phibìc Pole. Your tree’s pack away. The NYE confetti’s every vacuumed up. Yep—winter’s full-on here…and it’s brought all kinds of confusion around what perfume to wear, candle to burn, suds to pump, etc. Sound familiar? We’ve acquired the scoop below—from the meaning of a winter fragrance to our peak picks.

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The cold and also the beautiful

When girlfriend think about winter, what comes to mind? because that us, it’s fresh fallen snow, snuggly moment by a crackly fire, frosted pine needles, chai spices, cozy cashmere throws…the list goes on. For this reason it can not come together a surprise, however the finest winter scents take cues from every those things that make winter, well, winter. Warm, woodsy, earthy—they have tendency to be on the bolder, more facility side of points so they have the right to stand as much as frigid temps and also project under the chunkiest knits. You will do it even uncover some v subtle floral notes, which not only add a surprising freshness, but additionally serve together a promise that warmer job ahead.



The name claims it all, right? This mix of white woods, pine needles, sparkling clementine and spiced clove is the literal an interpretation of a winter fragrance. It’s obtained all those warmth spices you associate with the season—but also an unanticipated kick of citrus the brightens up the coldest days. Us can’t get enough of the in Wallflowers kind (a.k.a. Among the ideal winter scents for home).


Frozen Lake

Here’s another one that screams winter based on the surname alone. Lavender leaves, cool eucalyptus and juniper berries combine for a fragrance that’s crisp, refresh and almost breathtaking. One of the best winter candle scents, its new notes radiate calmness and remind united state of relaxed mornings at a snowy mountain lodge.


Mahogany Teakwood

Winter calls for woodsy fragrances. Mahogany Teakwood answers. Note of rich mahogany, black teakwood, dark oak and frosted lavender develop a masculine scent that’s unparalleled in the comfort department. We favor to think that this icon as the fragrance identical of chilling in a cozy library on a cold winter’s night.


Fresh Sparkling Snow

If you’re in search of a cool take it on fruity fragrance, then consider your search complete. Notes of iced pear and also frozen melon give it fresh and also clean edge that’s akin to fresh winter air. Frosted musk adds a small softness and creaminess—reminiscent the just-fallen snow. And also the snowdrop blossom? it is the slim floral undertone that’ll have actually you attract this beautiful fragrance right into spring.



surname a more quintessential winter task than a snowy stroll in the woods. We’ll wait. And then we’ll raise friend this aptly named fragrance. Bergamot, sage and also crushed cedarwood create a scent that’s together bold and earthy as the great outdoors itself. Jaw is the star that the display here, however we specifically love the fresh citrus notes the perk increase our winter.

Sweater Weather

we knitted sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus and also fresh woods together. The result? A fan-favorite that’s warm, comforting and also made because that snuggly nights in. Its crisp, clean notes make this one of the absolute best post-Christmas new starts. (But fine be honest, pullover Weather is therefore good, we reach for it any type of time we need we require a little coziness in our lives.)

Snowflakes & Cashmere

No list of winter scents would be complete without this mix of vanilla cashmere cream, caramel woods and frosted clementine. Soft and also beautiful, it’s a fragrance soon blankets you through warmth. And don’t left the notes fool you. When it dries down, she left with a ethereal sweetness the skews an ext feminine than food. To trust us: you will do it love the so much, it can just come to be your brand-new signature.

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