Batman: The animated Series Rewatch

Batman: The man Series Rewatch: “Blind as a Bat”

Steven Padnick

But it’s additionally inevitable. We recognize Batman will fight the Penguin blind, so we know the sonar technology Batman wires right into his head will certainly fail as quickly as scold for justice Leslie Thompkins alerts Batman to clock his battery pack. Which means the entire dogfight between the Batplane and also the Penguin-Copter is simply time wasting filler before the main event.

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Animation wise, each frame is beautiful drawn, yet the movements seem stiff. The seems prefer a great description that the entirety episode. Too many of good ideas the don’t really move.

Batman relying on cyborg technology that not only simulates, however maybe even improves ~ above human capacity might have been an amazing idea, however we know the lenses are there simply to break once Batman demands them most. (Also, the red eyes and sonar-vision room a call out to famously blind superhero and sometimes, Daredevil).

The Penguin doesn’t seem to be having actually as lot fun below as the did princetoneclub.orgturing Batman and also Robin in “The Mechanic.” that destroys a bridge, the biggest act of terror the shows shown so far, but he spends most of his time threaten his very own goons (and suggestively cut off your shirt buttons? Interrobang?). He just really pertains to life at the end, mocking the negative sightless vigilante.


And then there are the minor questions that would not matter in a far better episode, yet are an ext obvious and therefore an ext annoying in a mediocre one. Why is it essential for Bruce Wayne come hide that he’s in the interim blind? will certainly he lose his place on the board of direcprincetoneclub.orgs? If he has actually “serious misgivings” around building a army copter, why go Bruce provide construction? Why no Bruce Wayne pony increase the one hundred million disagreement ransom come buy the city and himself time to record the Penguin? No, really, where is Robin and why can not he sub in when Bruce requirements a noble day?

This is an it s okay episode, possibly a good one, however it’s strongest as soon as Batman’s weakest. If it had actually spent much more time on a remote Batman relying top top his 4 other senses (maybe no taste) to escape the Penguin, or an ext time ~ above Batman weighing the moral implications of offering himself time to fully recover, it might have to be a an excellent episode. Instead, the wastes too much time on random an innovation that end up gift useless.

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Sorry because that the quick week. Ns going top top vacation and the two-parters screw increase the double-feature schedule. Remain tuned next week for Batman’s most epic quest!

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