Guild House

Guild homes are large buildings the are qualified of accommodating plenty of guild members at once. They only exist in villages that have completed a certain size, and also their owners are liked through one auction unlike any kind of other ordinary homes you deserve to purchase using contribution points.

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Guild home Auction

Guild house auctions will take ar once every even numbered main of a month and during the following times. 

NA: Saturday 01:00 afternoon ~ Sunday 12:59 afternoon (PDT)

EU: Saturday 03:00 afternoon ~ Sunday 02:59 pm (UTC+1)

ASIA: Friday 06:00 afternoon ~ Saturday 05:59 afternoon (GMT+9)


Only guild masters can place bids because that guild houses. They can do so making use of guild funds. A an alert will appear once one auction begins, in ~ which allude guild master will be able to begin placing bids through an NPC. Guild masters deserve to only bid ~ above a solitary guild home per auction. They deserve to only location up to three bids per auction. Auction participants will not and you cannot be conscious of the bid quantities submitted from other guilds, uneven they do the greatest bid. Everyone submits the highest possible bid will obtain a system message that, “Your bid of …OOO Silver has been placed as the highest possible bid.” once a guild wins one auction, the winning bid amount will be immediately deducted native a guild’s guild funds. Once the auction ends, a guild can begin using the guild house. If the bidding fails, the guild master can retrieve the silver provided for bidding native the Guild Shop. Upon submitting a bid, the bid amount will be immediately deducted from a guild"s guild funds. When the auction ends, a guild can begin using the guild residence if the bidding was successful. If the bidding failed, the guild master have the right to retrieve the silver provided for bidding from the Guild Shop.



If no one bids because that the guild house, the auction will certainly restart automatically.


Guild residence Maintenance

Once a guild wins a guild house, guild home maintenance fee should be paid everyday at midnight to save using the features. This dues is proportionate come the to win bid and will be immediately deducted indigenous guild funds. If the guild is to run low top top guild funds, the guild home may come to be unavailable because that use. Guild masters or police officers can likewise pay the maintenance fee out of their pockets. Any guild member deserve to deposit the upkeep cost and also Guild master or Officers have the right to make the payment via Deposit accumulation feature.


You can also upgrade the guild house using guild points. Improved guild house allows members to craft more diverse items and expands the guild storage.


Guild house Features 

Guild Processing and also Crafting

Materials for Guild Crafting deserve to only be handle at the guild house. First, enter the guild house and also interact through the door to open the guild storage. Then placed the processing products inside and also press Guild Processing. You deserve to make permits and materials because that Guild Crafting through this procedure and achieve guild activity as well. You have to undergo this procedure together Guild Crafting only uses materials made with it. Just guild masters have actually the authority to craft through control Crafting indigenous the Guild Window. Do items will be sent to the guild storage.


Nurturing one Elephant

You deserve to nurture the tamed baby elephant in the guild residence (only easily accessible for guild residences in Valencia). However, the guild must have actually learned the guild skill “Monstrous Force” beforehand. Compelled materials have the right to be purchased indigenous the Guild Shop or be made through Guild Processing. Reach “Monstrous force Lv. 2” and also upgrade the Elephant Nursery to level 2 to craft gears because that the elephant.


Crafting mountain Parts

If the guild has acquired the guild ability “Fully Prepared,” you are prepared to craft items that recover stamina the the elephant.


Guild residence Permits

All of her guild residence information including its upgrade, stored items, and crafting progress will be saved even if you shed the allow to one more guild in the following auction. However, you will certainly not be able to use the guild house for guild crafting until your guild wins the permit for a guild residence again.


Valencian Elephants

Valencian Elephants space a huge mount used for node and also conquest wars. That is highly effective in destroying barricades or wooden fences and also can lug up to 3 riders.


How to attain an Elephant I: Quests

One method to obtain a Valencian Elephant is for the guild grasp to complete “ gathering everyone’s strength.” If you room the guild master, you will have the ability to find it in quest > Suggestions. This quest is adhered to by “ gathering strength as soon as again” and “ our Guild’s Capability,” which girlfriend can gain “ Registration: Valencia Elephant” native both. Each guild can thus obtain a total of 3 elephants.


How to obtain an Elephant II: Guild House

Another method to get a Valencia Elephant is to participate in the guild house auction and win one in Valencia. Then, learn the guild skill “Monstrous Force” to open an Elephant Nursery and also begin increasing an elephant.


To raise an elephant, you very first need to capture* a “ infant Elephant.” shot looking because that a herd that elephants inhabiting the Valencia Desert. You can tame one in the same method you record wild horses. The process can be simpler if you take a “ Desert Peanut”. You have the right to buy Desert Peanuts native the Guild steady Keeper. As soon as you successfully record a baby elephant, discover the Guild secure Keeper and also register it.





Put the infant elephant in the guild storage and also use the Elephant it is registered from Guild window > Guild crafting to start nurturing it. Please keep in mind that friend must an initial register the infant elephant as a material prior to raising it.

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Required materials for “ Valencia Elephant” are as follows:


Clearance Permit250
baby Elephant1
Water for Elephant400
Elephant Food850
Elephant Cage Parts800
hardwood for addressing the Cage600


All the materials other than “ Clearance Permit” and also “ baby Elephant” have the right to be purchased native the Guild steady Keeper or be crafted in ~ the guild house.


Tips ~ above Guild Elephants

Valencian Elephants have the right to have skills at a fixed rate once they space born similar to other mounts. However, brand-new skills cannot be learned together they are restricted from levelling up.Each the the Valencian Elephants can bring up to 3 riders. One in ~ the front will certainly drive the elephant, if the various other two can throw spears come knockback the opponents. Castle are complimentary from strikes while they space mounted.When confronting Valencian Elephants throughout battles, that is effective to download the “ Elephant Trap” to host it ago from approaching and destroying structures. You can purchase that from the Guild armed forces Supply Manager.Gears for the Valencian Elephants can be crafted at the guild house.How come tame* a baby elephant: First, throw the capturing rope come a baby elephant and tie that up. Then, use directional buttons to technique it. ~ above approaching the elephant, feed the “ Desert Peanut” until it is satisfied. You deserve to purchase desert peanuts indigenous the Guild steady Keeper with guild funds. If the elephant lifts its legs throughout the totality taming process, patience it under by pressing the button as presented on the display repeatedly. You will have successfully tamed the elephant if it does no kick the tamer and runs away.