Beauty and also the Beast: Colouring Book and Removable Poster buy on Amazon US| purchase on publication Depository|Buy ~ above Amazon UK|Buy top top Amazon Ca through Fabiana Attanasio Published by White Star top top April 20th 2017 Style: dual page printing, Poster Pages: 80 Format: card cover v fold out, glue & Stitched


The Beauty and also the Beast layout is constant with the ahead coloring books illustrated through Fabiana Attansio.

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Illustrations are printed on both sides of the white, medium quality paper. The paper feels slightly (very slightly) thinner 보다 previous books. When weighed though, the books weigh about the same amount as the previous books published.

Unlike the vault books, the binding ~ above The jungle Book and Beauty and The Beast is a lot an ext rigid than previous books. These books are both glued and stitched. If they space too tight for you to work-related comfortably with, you might snip the large stitches to ease the publication further.

You have the right to see my record quality check of the coloring book here. My trial and error was carried out top top The Jungle book but please note both The tropical Book and The Beauty and the Beast have the exact same paper, space by the exact same publisher and were exit on the exact same day.

Beauty and also the Beast Coloring book Images and also Illustrations

There space 40 pages the contain double page scene within the book, not included the ancillary pages. The art occupational does run into the spine and due come the binding ~ above this book it might be daunting to color this area. If the proves too difficult for me, and also my muscle man cannot push the book flat for me, I will certainly snip the darn on the binding to assist relax the book.

Fabiana Attansio, has again controlled to catch not only the sweetness of Beauty and the Beast but likewise the emotion and sadness attached to this touching story. Every one of the drawings reflect Fabiana’s usual format of sweetly drawn and also whimsical format art. Ns was concerned that Fabiana’s sweet cartoonish characters would not be depicted in a sad and sorry state for the relevant parts of the story. I need to not have actually been concerned. Fabiana has controlled to attract the characters with the ideal emotions to analyze this romantic fairy story accurately.

You will discover beautiful illustrations the Belle and her family, the Beast and also animals including horses, lock imagery and an abundance of roses. Together is Fabiana’s format there are many images that are outlines with patterns inside and also some pictures that have actually solid black color for personalities oor backgrounds.

The line arts is black, crisp and a tool weight for many of the book. However, there space are a pair of photos that have actually a finer line v a duller black for the art work.

Colorists that have a young visual special needs will uncover that fifty percent of the publication has huge open spaces make it easier to color, whilst the balance has a lot of pictures that are much more detailed and fill the page with imagery.

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As always, Beauty and also the Beast coloring Book, comes through a substantial fold the end poster because that you come color and also frame. As the poster is larger than my typical ruler, the measurements are not completely accurate. It approximately measures 97cm x 66cm.