A perfect Ben? Ben Higgins may go under as among the many beloved Bachelors in the background of the abc franchise, however season 20 still had a same share that drama.

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After contending for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s love on season 11 of The Bachelorette in 2015, the Colorado aboriginal went top top his very own journey because that love and also fell for Lauren Bushnell and … JoJo Fletcher. During the season finale, Ben came under fire once he called both women that he love them, however he eventually proposed to the flight attendant native Portland, Oregon.

“I don’t understand if regret would be the best word, since it’s exactly how I felt, i m sorry is messed up, and not an excellent when you then break up and also propose to somebody in the exact same day,” Ben called Us Weekly exclusively in June 2020 about dropping the L-word twice. “I think at the moment I to be naive sufficient to think that it was a means to reassure them, once they left, the this to be the actual deal, that ns really walk care about them both. I just don’t think I made decision the right words, and I nothing think it was healthy and balanced for the long term and also the longevity of one of two people relationship. So, necessarily don’t regret it, due to the fact that it is how I felt. Nothing think it to be the wisest point to do, specifically two days prior to you damaged up with one of them.”

Lauren, that didn’t know at the time that Ben told JoJo the loved her too, welcomed a proposal during the march 2016 finale.

“It obviously pains … it was a many to take it in,” Lauren told E! News in ~ the time about Ben and JoJo. “It felt favor a punch in the gut in a way, but it no anything the made me concern him or concern our relationship. However it was just an ext like, ‘Ow, the hurts."”

While the twosome go on come star in their very own Freeform spinoff series, Ben and also Lauren: Happily ever After?, because that one season, they referred to as it quits in might 2017.

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Three years later, alphabet aired a condensed variation of season 20 in one-night as an illustration of The Bachelor: The best Seasons — Ever! Ben said Us at the time he doesn’t save in touch with Lauren however wishes her well.

“Not Lauren, we haven’t speak . She married. I’m happy because that her, and also she uncovered her partner and also it wouldn’t … i mean, if she got to out saying, ‘Hey, how are girlfriend going to take care of this? This is what’s perceptible me …’ I would love to take it that contact from her, yet I don’t think I’m essential in this minute for her,” that explained. “JoJo and I are good friends. I have a many respect because that her and also Jordan. The exact same kind the thing, if she has actually a man and also a confidant by her side the she more than likely leans in on. If I observed her, it would be … i actually witnessed her in the airport last year. It was awesome to watch her and also Jordan together, but we don’t save in close contact. I think just since for me, and probably for them, it i will not ~ be healthy. It’s not smart.”

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