I simply bought a mighty mule 350 gate opener and need some input ~ above what size battery come buy. Is over there a difference between auto and marine? ns was plan on to buy a standard battery box and using that. Any suggestions?Thanks
I simply bought a mighty mule 350 door opener and also need part input top top what dimension battery to buy. Is there a difference between auto and marine? ns was to plan on to buy a traditional battery box and also using that. Any type of suggestions?Thanks
You have the right to use just about any 12V battery girlfriend want and also put it in among those plastic consists you uncover at TSC or components stores. I had one on a door for around 5 years prior to moisture and also bugs lastly shorted the end the electronics. To buy the 350 and it to be a tiny different. I just put the small gel battery native the old unit in and also it works the door fine. The larger the battery the longer it will open up the gate once power fails. If you acquire the solar charger friend don't need to run a strength line down to the door for the charger.

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The chargers that come through the opener are trickle charges. Inspect the calculation on the charger mighty mule uses and see what wattage it puts out. The one you discovered may work-related fine for it.

The 350 model dosn't come through I charge that I know of. If ns am hooking the charger come the 12v automobile battery the dimension of the solar panel will certainly only influence how rapid it recharges the battery.
The 350 model dosn't come v I fee that I recognize of. If ns am hooking the charger to the 12v car battery the dimension of the solar panel will only impact how quick it recharges the battery.
You're right. Ns forgot that I supplied the old charger the came v my an initial opener. I think currently they don't include them. I would think girlfriend will need some way to cut the solar charger off as soon as the battery gets fully charged. If the gate is used frequently then it wouldn't issue as it will certainly take a while at 15watts to put a full charge back into the battery.

Guess I have to google that point. Have the right to you over charge a 12v battery through a solar panel? If so how do you reduced it off?

answered my own question:Charge controllersA charge controller is a regulator the goes between the solar panels and also the batteries. Regulators for solar systems are designed to keep the batteries fee at optimal without overcharging. Meters for Amps (from the panels) and also battery Volts are optional with many types. Few of the assorted brands and models that we use and recommend are detailed below.
My gate is only around 300' from the house so I simply trenched and also laid a cable down to it. I likewise have a defense light and cameras top top a 25' tower at the gate so it required power. If not for them, i would have just provided the solar panel for the gate opener battery.

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We use a deep cycle maritime battery. The auto batteries have to be fee too frequently (2-3 weeks) and we have actually a solar dashboard trickle charger too. Us can conveniently get 5 or 6 weeks between chargings the end of the deep bike Marine.

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