2016 had its ups and also downs, but we deserve to all come together and also agree this are simply delightfully awful.

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"Tis the season for too much eggnog, faulty tree lights, TV yule log in channels and also — ideal of all — ugly Christmas sweaters.

In a society driven through looking our best, the ugly Christmas sweater is the inverse, the outsider — the (often sweaty, itchy and also lumpy) garment is all around anti-style. They have the right to be loud, bedazzled, tinseled, hey, even glow-in-the-dark.

So who space our anti-style symbols this year? We"ve turned to the good ol" internet for a round up that this years best (er, worst?) ugly Christmas sweaters. These sweaters space so negative they are good, and we can"t get enough of them.

1. This pullover proves that the Christmas sweater doesn"t have to be red and green to have actually maximum impact. Tinsel and 3D stuffed animals are a pretty touch too.

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