What kid doesn’t dream of horseago riding? In Georgia, tright here are stables that market guided trail riding, and also horseearlier riding trails where you carry your own steed.

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Are you wondering, ‘Where is the closest horseearlier riding near me?’ Well right here are 20+ areas to go horseearlier riding in Ga.

Did we miss out on your favorite? Let us know.

Courtesy: Foxhall Resort

Be sure to contact ahead and also make an appointment. Although some of these establishments carry out accept walk-ups, they deserve to serve you much better via a reservation.

Horseback Riding in Ga.: 20+Unforgettable Trail Rides

Tbelow are so many excellent areas to watch and also explore in Georgia — and a perfect method to take it all in is on the back of a horse.

Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides

Blue Ridge |319 Hells Hollow Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 | (706) 408-7433

Looking for household adundertaking in the North Georgia mountains? This beautiful ranch has remained in service for 25 years in Blue Ridge. They have actually trail rides, and for the young buck-a-roos in your group, they have actually pony rides too! Often kids love the principle of equine back riding, yet when they actually gain up on the horse, it have the right to be a various story. Pony rides are an excellent means to present them to horseearlier riding.

Note: GPS does not acquire you to the Outwrite-up, however Google Maps will.

Ages: 7 and up. If you feel your little bit one requirements to be lead by a trail overview, make sure you let them understand when you make your reservation.

For young ones (and also perhaps not so young ones) will prefer the rocking horses at Brasstown Valley Stables.

Appalachian Trail Rides at S&T Stables,

Mineral Bluff | 4100 Cutcane Road | (706) 374-0362

Enjoy a trail ride in the Appalachian Mountains with a visit to Appalachian Trail Rides at S&T Stables.

Here you’ll uncover many kind of different choices depending upon what type of trail ride you’re trying to find.

Couples and family members can gain a true cowboy suffer via their Dinner Ride — after an hour trail ride, you’ll dismount and gain a delicious meal approximately a campfire and live music!

They also market 1- and 2-hour trail rides, a exclusive ride, team rides, a proposal ride package, and also pony rides for the young ones in your team.

Ages: 6+; have to be 8+ for 2-hour ride; 5 and under for pony rides

Trackrock Stables

Blairsville | 202 Trackrock Camp Rd. | (706) 745-5252

No matter your riding suffer, Trackrock Stables has a trial ride for you! Bordered on three sides by the Chattahoochee National Forest, Trackrock is an isolated oasis.

Guided horseback trail rides are for first-time or professional riders. Trotting and also cantering are permitted during the 2-hour ride. One-hour rides are additionally easily accessible.

Ages: Must be at leastern 2 years old to ride double via an adult. Children under 5 and also under 50 pounds deserve to ride double via an adult.

Sunny Farms North

Dahlonega | 1332 Long Branch Rd | (706) 867-9167

Sunny Farms rents steeds for unguided trail rides. The steeds know the course and also the owners recognize the steeds, so you don’t need to be an expert to ride! You’ll take a scenic trail ride on the residential property, and have actually a good time.

They’re open on the weekends, yet if you desire to ride in the time of the week, just offer them a speak to.

Ages: All eras welcome. Riders under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Gold City Corral and Carriage Company

Dahlonega | 49 Forrest Hills Rd | (706) 867-9395

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Dahlonega, Gold City Corral offers horseearlier trail rides, carriage rides, dinner wagon rides, hay rides, and more.

A fun providing right here is their “Chuck Wagon Dinners,” which is a scenic, horse-drawn wagon ride that takes you to a cookout! How cool is that?

Perfect for all ability levels, Gold City Coral has rides for skilled riders and newbies. Riding lessons for beginners are contained prior to a ride. Private guided rides are readily available below as well.

Ages: Any age for hay rides, chuck wagon dinners, and also carriage rides. 8+ for trail rides.

Georgia Frontiers

Canton | 545 Ruff White Roadway | (678) 234-8852

I love Georgia Frontiers tagline – Where city slickers pertained to ride!

Located in Canton, this is more than likely some of the closest horseearlier riding in the Atlanta area. They sell 1-, 1.5-, and also 2-hour trail rides for all suffer levels. The shorter rides are geared even more toward beginners, via the longer rides providing even more for those looking for horseago riding thrills.

You’ll love the wooded horseback trails here.

Ages: Must be 9+.


Brasstown Valley Stables

Young Harris | 6321 UNITED STATE 76 | (706) 379-9900

Brasstvery own Valley Stables, is part of the Brasstvery own Valley Retype and Spa, but you don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to book a trail ride.

They sell 1- and also 2-hour guided hill trail rides for all suffer levels. Their 5 miles of trails function open up fields, woodlands, and also trout streams.

For guests under the age of 6, they market hand-led horseback rides about their riding ring — so bit ones deserve to obtain in on the horseback riding action too.

The finest component around trail rides here? Afterwards you have the right to relax those sore muscles at the Brasstvery own Valley Spa.

Discover even more about our adventure at Brasstvery own Valley Stables and nearby Hiawasview Ga.

Ages: 7+ for trail rides

Sunburst Stables

Helen | S3181 State Hwy. 255 | (800) 806-1953

Tbelow are fairly a couple of locations to go horseago riding in Helen, Ga., yet Sunburst Stables offers guided horseback trail riding and so much more!

Participate in a trail ride consisting of lunch, watch the sunset on horseback, obtain the whole family members affiliated through their “Family Adventure” ride, or take a horseago ride out to an authentic moonshine still in the woods.

They sell 1- and also 2-hour rides for all endure levels.

And as soon as you’re done via horseearlier riding, you’ll additionally discover zip lines, boating tours, and also ATV tours too.

Ages: 7+

Chattahoochee Stables

Helen | 2180 GA-17 | (706) 878-7000

Take a guided horseago ride with the Sautee Valley at Chattahoochee Stables in Helen.

They market an hour-lengthy guided trail ride, including 1.5 miles of horseback riding trials along the river (the just “river ride” around)! They want you to take in the beauty all around you, while aheight one of their remarkable equines.

Ages: 6+

Barnesley Resort

Adairsville | 597 Barnsley Gardens Rd | (770) 773-7480

Ride through the open up fields of Barnsley Resort’s 3,000 acres on horseback!

An knowledgeable trail guide will lead you and also various other guests on horseearlier as you take in all the organic beauty the resort uses.

For younger guests, Barnesley Resort lets the children gently apply non-toxic paints to a gentle equine or goat, for a fun, interenergetic experience.

Ages:11+ for trail rides


Southern Cross Guest Ranch

Madichild, Ga. | 1670 Bethany type of Church Road | 706-342-8027

Southern Cross Guest Ranch is simply the ideal.

Here you’ll discover a hands-on horseearlier riding regimen, a calm establishing, a beautiful bed and also breakfast, and also over 150 horses!

This ranch is just one of my favorites. In enhancement to riding, you also visit the tack room to pick out your saddle and aid to brush your steed dvery own before and also after your trail ride.

They serve buffet meals three times a day, offer a seasonal heated pool for overnight guests, and also so much even more. You don’t have to be an overnight guest to take part in the trail rides, but one look at the offerings, and also you’ll desire to stay.

For equine lovers, this place is perfection.

Ages:4+ to pertained to the ranch, 7 and also under need to ride through an adult, 8+ to ride on their own

Serenbe Trail Riding

Chattahoochee Hills | 10950 Hutchesons Ferry Rd | (678) 333-2989

Ride through the rolling hills of Serenbe on horseearlier, and also view why this location is so magical.

Perfect for all skill levels, they offer gentle equines and also skilled guides.

They have actually 3 packages to choose from — a 1-hour ride, a picnic trail ride, and also a proposal package for those that want to pop the question on horseago.


Foxhall Resort

Douglasville | 8000 Capps Ferry Roadway | (770) 489-4380

Foxhall Resort in Douglasville is a 1,100 acre estate that functions beautiful accommodations, hiking, clay shooting, fishing, wonderful food, ATVs, kayaking and canoeing, hunting — and currently, horseago riding!

They’d obtained some of the many gentle horses for their brand-new trail ride suffer that they started in September 2020. A perfect method to discover this remarkable rekind.

Cohutta Stables

Blue Ridge, GA. | 706-851-5198

For even more knowledgeable horseago riders, this place is perfect!

North Georgia Equestrian Tours at Cohutta Stables offers half-day and full-day trail rides right into the Cohutta Wildlife Management Area.

A personal overview will lead you and your team alengthy 13 miles of beautiful landscape. A picnic lunch is consisted of in all day ride.

Blanche Manor

Copperhill, Tenn. |160 Blanche Manor Lane| (706) 455-7433

This steed riding secure isn’t in Georgia, yet it is simply over the line (15 minutes!) in Tennesview, so I went ahead and added it.

Rides are on exclusive wooded trails via stream crossings and also views of Georgia, North Carolina, and also Tennescheck out. Perfect for all ability levels, they market 1.5-, and also 2-hour rides, private rides, suncollection rides, proposal packages, and also pony rides for little ones!

They also sell a City Slicker Special for those of you who have actually constantly wanted to be a genuine cowboy! They’ll teach you some cowboy and ranch occasions — choose barrel racing and livestock roping!

Ages: 6+ for trail rides, 5 and under for pony rides

Coastal Horseearlier Riding in Ga.

Explore the beautiful Georgia shore on horseback!

Sea Island also Stables

Sea Island also, Ga. | 150 Frederica Rd | (912) 434-4760

A beach pilgrimage through a trail ride included? Yes, please!

Tbelow is something distinct about a morning horseback ride on the beach. Sea Island Stables has actually beach rides, and wooded trail rides. They likewise sell equestrian instruction, and a Saddle-Up Horsemanship Clinic.

Explore the beaches and also marshes of this beautiful place on horseback. You’ll love it.


Three Oaks Farm

Jekyll Island also, Ga. | Clam Creek Road| (912) 635-9500

Take a horseago ride alengthy hauntingly beautiful Driftlumber Beach on Jekyll Island! The grey wind-swept trees are a perfect backdrop for horseago riding.

They market 1-, 1.5-, and also 2-hour beach rides, moonlit rides, suncollection rides, and also a combo beach and also forest ride.


Horseback Riding in Ga. State Parks

Georgia State Parks have actually some of the finest trails roughly.

Roosevelt Riding Stables

Pine Mountain, Ga. |1063 Group Camp Rd | (706) 628-7463

For Pine Mountain horseago riding, look no further than Roosevelt Stables.

Roosevelt Stables provides 28 miles of horse trail riding near FDR State Park. In enhancement to guided trail rides, you have the right to bring your own horse and also ride.

At Roosevelt Stables, you have actually many different guided trail rides to select from. The Creek Trail, Mountain Overlook Trail, Coyote Trail, or Wagon Train Trail are simply some of the selections.

Primitive equine camping is likewise easily accessible.

Note: GENERAL PRACTITIONERS directions will certainly not acquire you to the stables, so visit the website.


Horseearlier Riding at Ga. State Parks: Bring Your Own Horse

The complying with Georgia State Parks have actually horseago riding trails, and also horse framework, yet they perform not market guided trail rides. You need to bring your own horse.

Ft Mountain Stables

Chatsworth, Ga. |548 Cliffmine Rd | (706) 429-5075

More than 25 miles of equine trails market loop rides that differ from 3 to 16 miles.

You have the right to select to take a trail with woodlands, along cliffs, past waterdrops, or possibly also check out abandoned mining devices.

Riders must register at the stables, and also equine watering stations are offered at 2-mile intervals.

A.H. Stephens State Park

Crawfordsville, Ga.|456 Alexander Street NW| (706) 456-2602

If you desire to go horseago riding in Augusta, A.H. Stephens State Park is perfect.

In 2016, they included 20 brand-new horse stalls bringing their complete to 30. Tright here are 21 miles of steed trails, 20 equestrian campsites, and also four cotteras accessible.

General Coffee State Park

Nicholls, Ga.|46 John Coffee Road| (912) 384-7082

For horse lovers, the park offers 13.4 miles of equestrian trails!

Horseback riders will suffer eextremely form of habitat on their loop ride right here. The locations you’ll pass through are perfect for spotting wildlife prefer the whitetail deer, or wild turkey.

Tright here are ride-in campsites, as well as drive-in sites. This park doesn’t have stables. A tiny fee is compelled.

Hard Labor Creek State Park

Rutledge, Ga.|5 Hard Labor Creek Road| (912) 384-7082

With 22 miles of trails, campsites, and also stables — this state park is a steed lover’s paradise.

Horse owners have their own exclusive camping location near stalls at Hard Labor Creek State Park. Tright here is a 22-mile trail (open up to hikers weekdays only), stalls, a riding ring, equestrian camping, and 30 equine stables.

Watchild Mill Bridge State Park

Comer, Ga.|650 Watboy Mill Road| (706) 783-5349

Just exterior of Athens, Watboy Mill Bridge State Park has actually 14 miles of trails, 11 horse campground sites, and 22 equine stables.

The terrain here is not too steep, and also you’ll be traveling via woodlands and also alengthy creeks. You’ll gain discovering the wildlife alengthy the method.

Foxhall Resort

Douglasville, GA | 8000 Capps Ferry Rd. |(770) 489-4380

Foxhall Retype has gathered the many gentle steeds for a brand also new horseago riding experience starting in September 2020. Perhaps a Fall getaway is in order?

More Resources for Horseearlier Riding in Ga. With Your Horse

Here are extra areas to go horseearlier riding in Ga. via your own horse.

Georgia Internationwide Horse Park and Equestrian Center

Conyers|1996 Centennial Olympic Parkway | 770-860-4190

Bring your very own equine and reap the 15 miles of equine trails at the Geogia Internationwide Horse Park. The trails right here sell scenic views of the former Olympic Endurance Course.

Trails are open from dawn until dusk, but are occasionally closed throughout special events. Check their events calendar for details.

Check out these 2 sites for more horseback riding avenues through your own steed in Georgia:

Horse and also TravelGeorgia Horseback Riding

What to Know Before You Go Horseback Riding in Ga.

Before you book a horseearlier riding adundertaking, right here are a couple of things you must understand.

Call ahead. Several of the horseback riding establishments listed over will certainly take walk ups, but even they would usually like you make a reservation. They have the right to better serve you and also your group if they know you are coming.

Ask About Ages. Period restrictions are common. A few will certainly let your child ride via an adult — however some don’t. Ask before you go considering that everyone is various.

Kcurrently Your Child. Even if your kid is old sufficient to go horseback riding, think around whether it will certainly be too much for them. We went riding at Brasstvery own Valley and also a tiny girl was there for her birthday. You might tell it was something she had been talking and also dreaming around forever, however once she obtained means up on the steed, she was terrified. The barn manager did an excellent job calming her fears, but I think this happens quite a bit – so be ready.

Ask around Weight. All the horseago riding establishments will have actually a weight limit, I observed 220 for a few areas, others were a bit better. Make sure you ask before you go. You don’t desire to obtain there and also not have actually a horse you have the right to ride.

Look for Directions on the website. Several horseago riding stables listed that GPS would certainly not obtain you to their barn. Be sure before you head out to obtain directions directly from the stables website vs. relying on GPS.

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Tip Your Guide. Many horseback riding guides job-related on tips, so be sure to carry additional for them.