The Bravo truth star had actually a wardrobe malfunction while taping Monday"s episode of the daytime talk show.

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Anderson Cooper has a knack for gaining to the bottom that things and Bethenny Frankel is known for baring all once it concerns her life. So, placed them together and you have actually the star’s wardrobe failure on Monday’s episode of the daytime talker, Anderson.

VIDEO: THR’s 2011 ladies in to chat Breakfast Highlights

Bravo’s Bethenny ever After star and health guru want to prove come the hold that she wasn’t lying once she said that she’s been known to execute pushups when dancing in the club. The asked her to prove it and she took him up on the dare.

But, she didn’t expect for she skirt to paris up throughout the demonstration and also the audience would acquire a view of her backside.

While Anderson laughed it off, the reality star asked, “How’d i look?”

Watch the video clip below.

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