If you’re favor me, you’ve been searching for small bits of happiness wherever friend can find them, and also then revering the nuggets you uncover as priceless treasures. Uh, yeah, mine language deserves to it is in this lofty! there is nothing an excellent happening appropriate now, therefore I will cling to my guilty pleasures and also ridiculous memes as the essentials lock are.

That’s why I’ve to be cackling hysterically at the viral (the an excellent kind that viral) reemergence the the Beyond Belief meme—better recognized as the “Ryker saying bonkers no sequiturs in a smoky secret room” meme. This videos, mashups that dozens that WTF questions and sayings, have actually reappeared together a method to humorously define the frantic, restrained panic of being every little thing from a child to one extrovert cooped up in isolation. For example:

me, one extrovert, come every solitary friend I have actually after 3 job of self-quarantine pic.twitter.com/BiewBiFpIi

— jay