Hair ties room my security blanket. Whether ns go out v girlfriends because that dinner or make my method to work, I never ever leave the residence without one on my wrist, in my bag or in mine hair. No that ns make ponytails look at chic in any kind of way, however I just hate the watch of mine hair down.

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My hair is normally frizzy and it it s okay these uneven waves of curly roots and also limp ends, so regularly blowdrying and also straightening mine hair has been a crucial part of mine hair care/styling regimen for the past decade. Yet without the extr time to add volumizing sprays, dry shampoo and serums to mine hair, attract it under reveals the year worth of warmth damage. The fine, the thin and also the older i get, the an ext hair I uncover clogging up my shower drain and trapped in ~ the this of mine brushes and combs.

While ns typically space out my shampoo days (every two or three days) to stop excessive damage from water, sulphates and heat damage, because that the past month, I’ve been washing mine hair every other day v one biotin-infused shampoo that cases to add volumes to my hair.

OGX thick & full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo


Just favor OGX’s shampoo, this one is formulated through a vitamin-rich complicated of biotin to strengthen strands and also washes away dirt, oil and follicle-clogging impurities to create the clean setting for growing hair.

Beach says washing her hair two to 3 times a mainly (once a week because that afro hair) with sulphate-free shampoo will execute the same.

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“There\"s a speak ‘treat her hair prefer a silk scarf,” she says. “Meaning be delicate and don\"t injury your hair day come day with the blow dryer, the ceramic straightener or a lack of scalp shampooing.”

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