Are Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton fighting v food? One report says the two exes space dueling in Nashville, and also it’s acquiring worse. Gossip Cop investigates.

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‘Country Exes dish Up competing Cuisine’

According to the Globe, Shelton and also Lambert room in a press cooker. Lambert plan on opening a restaurant in Nashville on the same block as ex-husband Shelton’s Ole Red bar and also grill. A resource says, “This has actually been bothering Blake because that weeks, and he can’t assist wondering if she’s doing this on purpose.”

The 2 exes have not been amicable since their divorce in 2015, and also this food struggle will only exacerbate tensions. A resource says Lambert is “telling everyone her Tex-Mex food’s way much better than the fried slop he’s serving.” Shelton, the insider reveals, considers Lambert a total amateur and also thinks she restaurant will certainly be closed within a year. One insider concludes, “The hatred in between these 2 is real.”

It’s A Restaurant Strip

Lambert made decision the place of she restaurant not to ache Shelton, but since it’s a famous strip because that restaurants. The same block has actually over a dozen restaurants, consisting of restaurants from boy Rock and also Luke Bryan.

Lambert decided this location due to the fact that it is prime actual estate. It’s only a short walk native the historic Ryman Auditorium. Frankly, opening all over else would be ill-advised.

If Lambert is open bad-mouthing Shelton’s restaurant, then surely there would be an interview or Instagram post around it. Lambert recently wistfully opened up about writing “Over You” through Shelton, for this reason it doesn’t sound choose she’s particularly bitter or anything. Shelton and Lambert have tendency to save a chop lip about one another, which only makes this report every the less reliable.

Everyone knows that Shelton relocated on through Gwen Stefani, but Lambert’s moved on too. She married a police officer in 2019, and they’re really happy together. Divorce is never ever easy and can breed poor feelings, but it looks favor both Shelton and also Lambert have actually moved previous the “sabotage each other’s restaurant” stage.

Other Blake Shelton Rumors

This is the very same tabloid that asserted Shelton and also Stefani had dubbed the wedding off, yet it’s still on. They also never fought over a prenup. At different times, the Globe has said Shelton is toxically jealousy while Stefani is overly controlling. This stories had no proof to earlier them increase whatsoever, so Gossip Cop debunked them.

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Bogus hit pieces favor this damage credibility, so it’s impossible to trust this restaurant report. Nashville is huge enough because that both Lambert and also Shelton, so this story is completely false.

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