Warning: this write-up contains spoiler for The Shallows, a movie you deserve to pretty much determine the result of native the trailer. 

The Shallows is a tale of extensive confusion. 

For an hour and a half, Blake lively evades a vicious shark with only a passing knowledge of usual human behavior. Nothing makes sense, and yet every little thing is predictable. Here are our deep questions. 

We will refer to Blake Lively"s character, clinical school dropout Nancy Adams, as Blake lively in this article because over there is no pretending the The Shallows is anything various other than that Blake vivid shark strike movie. 

1. Exactly how is there so lot blood?

During Blake Lively"s an initial encounter with a shark, that bites she leg. It"s a brutal injury, however that go not describe why the entire ocean is suddenly bright red. Blake lively is not favor you and I, certainly, however famous civilization do not have much more blood 보다 non-famous civilization -- it"s one of of the universe"s few equalizers.

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2. Why walk she wear so much jewelry to walk surfing?

The Shallows gift Blake Lively"s decision come wear large earrings to go surfing as a life-saving foresight. Clearly she knew she would have to perform emergency surgical procedure on herself! 

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3. Just how does Blake Lively have perfect mobile service?

Early top top in the movie, Blake lively takes the end her phone and also looks at photos of her mommy -- precisely three photos that call you every little thing you require to know to contextualize Blake Lively"s decision to quit med school and also go surfing alone. Blake Lively"s mother used to surf at that particular location, she gave birth come Blake Lively and also then she fought a losing fight with cancer. 

To cement the Nicholas Sparks storyline, Blake Lively areas a video clip call come her boy sister ago home without also a 2nd of buffering, regardless of the fact that she is in a an extremely remote location. 

4. What walk Blake lively think would take place when she inquiry a shark, "Where are you taking me?"

She to be on a whale corpse as soon as she make the question just to paint a picture.

5. Space sharks total Blairs?

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The commanding hazard of a shark in a part of the ocean that does not typically have sharks as shortly as Blake Lively mirrors up smacks the a Gossip Girl revenge plot. Leighton Meester was the series" clear gem, and yet, Lively"s had a significantly more high file career. 

6. Exactly how are Blake Lively"s boobs totally unscathed?

The ocean is not sort to Blake lively in The Shallows -- she is burned, bruised, slashed open and also infected. Yet nothing ever before happens to she boobs. Not also a cut! when I definitely do not wish any harm top top Blake Lively"s boobs, I do not understand how they endured without even a scratch.

7. Why perform birds listen when Blake vivid speaks?

The breakout star that The Shallows is Steven Seagull -- a nice little joke for any kind of of the cinephiles exploring The Shallows. It is a seagull that dislocates its soup and, thus, has actually no selection but to remain in Blake Lively"s company. She talks to the seagull, and it listens for some reason, obeying her commands like a dog. 

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8. Exactly how did the shark catch on fire and not gain burned?

Yeah, the shark jumps up into the air in flames at one point. The happens.

9. Why wasn"t she leg amputated?

Look, uneven Blake Lively, I carry out not have actually a partial clinical degree, but I"m pretty sure that as soon as a shark bites her leg open and your lower extremities are devastated by gangrene, that causes much more damage than just a scar. And also yet, a year later, Blake Lively"s foot are completely fine, other than for a scar that shows she"s deep. 

10. Where space there clean beaches in Galveston?

Galveston, TX is not well-known for its clear waters, yet somehow, Blake Lively"s family visits beaches simply off the harbor of Houston that aren"t complete of trash in the film"s warm and fuzzy send off. It would certainly be good to know where those idyllic places are therefore non-Blake Lively residents of the Gulf shore can additionally enjoy them.

11. Why aren"t there already ten sequels planned?

Have miscellaneous to include to this story? Share that in the comments.

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