PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 02: Drummer Travis Barker and guitarist note Hoppus that Blink-182 execute at the capital One JamFest during the NCAA march Madness Music Festival 2017 on April 2, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty pictures for Turner Sports)

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Blink-182 were the latest guests to grace the phase at Jimmy Kimmel Live for your outdoor summer concert series. The pop-punk trio perform “Kings the the Weekend” because that the an initial time on television, from your last album, 2016’s California. It’s a fun performance of a tune that go a great job the hanging top top the boyish, goofy charm the made the tape so well-known to begin with. As a bonus the wasn’t aired on TV, Blink-182 additionally played 3 of their classic songs for the crowd. “I miss You,” “Feeling This,” and “All The small Things” got the audience excited, and it will carry out the same for any type of fan watching even if you never really acquire used to newest member Matt Skiba (formerly that Alkaline Trio) singing every one of former member Tom DeLonge‘s parts.

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Blink-182 are currently gearing up because that their las Vegas residency in ~ the Palms hotel, which begins this weekend and also will go till November. Watch official video from Jimmy Kimmel Live the “Kings the the Weekend” and “I miss You,” and a fan video from the concert that “Feeling This” and also “All The little Things” below.