PFID125X - A Men"s Fitness Magazine finest Value, comes completely assembled, 7 flexible positions folds flat to save

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Y041 rough XL level Bench
Powerline PFID125X flexible Weight Bench

The Powerline PFID125X load bench attributes 7 easy and secure ladder layout adjustment positions because that flat, decline, and incline workouts. A pull-pin allows the bench to totally fold up for storage and also easy carry. Finally, the bench comes completely assembled in the box, no assembly needed! Solid and stable, this bench is the perfect practice companion.

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No assembly required!7 position ago pad for flat, incline, and also declineFolds flat for StorageIn usage Dimensions: 18" H x 57" l x 16" WFolded Dimensions: 9" H x 57" together x 16" W

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Excellent Bench for minimal space. - L.A. Smith
Rate: 5 the end of 5
If friend arte looking for a pro workout and have much more space this is not the best bench for you. Yet if you have minimal space and want a great freeweight workout this is perfect. Easily folds because that storage, easy to move. Works great with a pair of flexible weight dumbells.
Powerline PFID125X incline/decline urgently bench. - Reid Kofu
Rate: 4 out of 5
i was an extremely pleased to get the product in perfect shape (excellent packaging and ready come use). The bench is comfortable and also satisfies the bulk of exercises with dumbbells. :)
Great Bench For tiny Spaces! - RyanRH
Rate: 5 the end of 5
This bench works great especially in small places. The end of the box took me about 1 minute to setup. The pegs to place your feet under space a little tight - it functions though and I"m 6" 1". Transforming to the different positions is simple. Bench is constructed well and seems quite strong. The nicest component though for world who have limited space is the way it deserve to fold level for storage.
Sturdy and great quality. - Brian Baltz
Rate: 5 the end of 5
great incline bench with a selection of positions. Heavy construction and also the cushions seem prefer they will last. I"m happy with the purchase.
Nice piece of equipment - Jeffrey L. Maynard "Powerlifter"
Rate: 4 the end of 5
This item of equipment is nice sturdy and also I to be able to do a variety of exercises, particularly with dumbbells. My only problem with this item is the the area the locks mine feet once I do decrease work was more padded.

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