How to do Outlawed Duo Bonnie and Clyde Costume

1Classic Bob blond WigGet a standard bob wig in blond hair to recreate Bonnie’s hair style.

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2Pink Beret HatLevel up your femininity with a light pink beret wool hat.
3Pink SweaterMatch your hat’s color with a straightforward designed irradiate pink sweater.
4Brown Pencil SkirtContrast the sweetness through a pencil design skirt in brown color.
5Black and White ScarfWrap her neck through a black and also white, old-fashioned printed scarf.
6Oxford Shoes for LadiesFinish Bonnie’s look with a pair of oxford shoes in whatever colors girlfriend prefer.
7Brown Fedora HatGet a fedora cap for gentlemen in coco brown color.
8Three-Piece black SuitLook because that a three-piece black color suit with a little white stripes ~ above it.
9White ShirtA continuous white buttoned under shirt is perfect.
10Brown and also White NecktieFind white and also brown necktie with the similar design come the original.
11Oxford Shoes because that GentlemenFinish your Clyde’s look v a pair of official oxford shoes in black color color.
12The Revolver PropsDon’t forget to equipment up the outlawed duo costume with the Revolver prop guns.

Although the movie Bonnie and Clyde to be made in the 60s, that indeed captured the layout of the 30s as soon as the criminal pair was alive. The above look native the movie is where Bonnie to be leaning ~ above the car, when Clyde was sitting.

In the picture Bonnie wears a pink beret, a pink shirt through a scarf on her neck, a brown pencil skirt, and also oxford shoes. Wherein as Clyde put on a brown fedora hat, black color suit through brown and also white necktie, and also black oxford shoes. Your weapons are the revolvers. Check our list on exactly how to dress favor the outlawed duo!

About Bonnie and Clyde

Based one among the most historic criminals on the American soil, the movie Bonnie and Clyde had actually released in the year the 1967. The movie functions as a biographical crime movie which speak the story the the most famed American criminal pair of the 30s: Bonnie Parker, portrayed by Faye Dunaway; and Clyde Barrow, shown by Warren Beatty.

In the movie Bonnie, who’s boring of her project as a waitress at the moment, meets Clyde once he’s trying to steal her mother’s car. Hating her simple life, Bonnie is excited by Clyde and also she decides to sign up with him then. They start off with little heists, then action on grander scale like financial institution robbery; and things get an ext violent together well. Follow me the route of crime, Bonnie and Clyde have actually recruited a gas terminal attendant called C.W. Moss, then through Clyde’s older brothers Buck and his wife Blanche to help them with the next heists. Regrettably things execute not walk well.

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Clyde’s brother and his wife gained arrested after in a robbery, forcing Bonnie and also Clyde, in addition to C.W. To escape with their lives. Misfortune glazes over the wanted pair when Moss’ father provides a resolve the police in exchange for the leniency because that his son. The following day Bonnie and also Clyde space ambushed and also killed by the police top top the road as they space helping Mr. Moss through his level tire.