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Pricing: can not be bought from a store. Can not be alchemised.

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Weapon StatsDamageAccuracy
Combat BonusesStrengthMagicRanged
AttributesArmourLife BonusPrayer Bonus
StylesClassAttack StyleAttack Speed

Wielded to grant you a Prayer bonus; provided to bless Unblessed (Saradomin) and Unpowered (Zamorak) symbols.
To complete this book you will need to add all 4 pages to the Damaged publication (Guthix), as soon as a page is added it deserve to not be removed and will be untradable.The 4 pages needed to finish this this book are:It need to be equipped in order to acquire stat bonuses.You can pick these i to preach native the book: Wedding Ceremony, last Rites, Blessings, and also Preach.To bless symbols, have the publication unequipped and also use that on one Unblessed price (Saradomin) or an Unpowered prize (Zamorak).This prayer publication can it is in made into an Illuminated publication of balance (with 60 Prayer and also 60 Crafting).If lost, Jossik will give it earlier to you for complimentary with every the pages.

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