Brittanya Razavi is one American model-cum tv personality who climbed to reputation after contesting ~ above the absent of Love fact show. Besides, Razavi has made appearances on various other reality television mirrors such together I Love Money and Charm School. Razavi’s countless tattoos and pieced dimples have actually earned her a lot of fame landing her on the covers of magazines like Obscene Magazine, Savage Tattoo, and also Rebel Ink.

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Brittanya Razavi’s early Life


Brittanya Razavi was born top top the 7th of June 1985 in Oxnard, California. She along with her siblings; treasure O’Campo, Tiffany climbed O’Campo, and also Isaiah O’Campo make up the family of mar Cortez and also Mr. O’Campo. Razavi’s father to be arrested because that unspecified reasons when she had actually turned 15, shortly after she parents had divorced. Return she remains mum about her education details, it is alleged that Razavi to visit a private school prior to joining one exclusive university in California. In one interview, Razavi revealed exactly how her parental were really supportive due to the fact that she had her first job and also a automobile at the period of 13.

Brittanya Razavi’s Relationship/Family Life

Brittanya Razavi’s connection story before marriage is somehow complicated. Razavi had her an initial child at the age of 15 whose father’s details continue to be unmasked come date. In her complicated relationship life, Razavi is said to have actually dated Nico Vasquez, her other reality TV star v whom the relationship verified futile within a few months. Later in 2010, Razavi met one Iranian CEO and entrepreneur in ~ Digital Media and also Entertainment Group, happy Moe Razavi whom she married in the exact same year. The pair has been blessed v two sons; Cash King, and also Legend King.

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Brittanya Razavi’s Career

Brittanya Razavi who now regulates a big social media following began her career as a model. She has actually ever because been featured in various famous magazines such as MMA sports Magazine, Savage Tattoo, Rebel Ink, and also Tattoo Energy amongst others.Owing come her huge following top top the society media platforms, Razavi landed herself into several VH1 television truth shows including Rock the Love Bus, and Charm School. She later on featured on one more VH1 reality referred to as I Love Money v all these appearances gaining her tons of publicity and paving her method into the film industry. Dysfunctional Friends is among the movies which featured Razavi. As well as co-authoring the book ‘Millionaire self Talk’, Razavi is likewise a successful businesswoman who owns a shop through which she sells her self-made merchandise and accessories

Brittanya Razavi’s net Worth

Out of her many income inlets, Brittanya Razavi as of 2020 is worth roughly $ 8 million.

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Brittanya Razavi’s Plastic Surgery

before plastic surgery

It goes there is no saying that Brittanya Razavi has gone with tremendous human body changes due to the fact that she very first graced ours screens. Razavi’s butts and breasts were smaller when she made her first appearance on television contrary come their present shape and size. Unlike various other celebrities, Razavi has come out plainly confessing the her huge butts and also breasts room not 100% natural. She went further unveiling that she went v plastic surgical treatment to boost her appearance. Butt augmentation and boob job to specific. Razavi revealed that her desire for huge breasts and also butts and the push to admire her followers room the key reasons behind her multi-plastic surgeries. Razavi additional confessed the she want to do a peach beauty, beauty from she watermelon booty


It is conclusive the Brittanya Razavi has actually strived to not just shine in her career and business but to additionally remain attractive to her fans together well. She must be courageous and proud also to expose her plastic surgical treatment details. But, wait a minute, exactly how does she look after going under the knife? leaving a comment.

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