Think of Blake Lively and also you think that Gossip Girl, a daughter dubbed James, and inevitably, the finest head that blonde hair in Hollywood.

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Storming the red carpet repetitively with serious enviable blonde locks, whether rose gold, bronde, or beachy blonde, Blake Lively always looks entirely gorgeous. No, you"re obsessed...

Seemingly unachievable for united state mere mortals, Blake Lively has actually been the picture we take into the hairdressers for more years than we have the right to count, with generally disappointing results.


So when her go-to hair colourist and also the mrs who produced the Blake Blonde, Rona O"Connor ,spoke to People about her keys to achieving the 30-year-old"s epos mane, we were much more than a tiny excited.

Read on because that every an enig to nailing Blake Lively"s following level blonde hair...


How To gain Blake Lively"s Signature "Bronde"

Hands up that watched Gossip Girl and died your blonde hair the never ended up feather quite as beachy and au naturel as Serena van Der Woodsen"s? Yup, united state too.

The mystery to she "just wake up up favor this" dye job? "I elevator her herbal base colour one to 2 shades lighter, to produce either a organic beige or a gold beige base tone, relying on what her way of living or occupational requires," O’Connor says.

"This permits an easier outgrowth and also less demarcation when her natural colour grow in. One the shade of lift offers the longest lasting results, and a low maintenance lived-in blonde look. I include slivers of gold highlights and low lights matching her basic colour to include dimension and sometimes slivers of gold apricot for a an ext blushed blonde result."


How To obtain Blake Lively"s Blush-Toned Blonde

Remember that legendary Blake lively red hair transformation? that was O"Connor. "I named her ‘Rosegold blonde’ in 2009, because of the clues of blushed undertones."

And the exit from the mum the two"s signature gold blonde make a comeback for this year"s Met Gala together well."It’s one more version of she go-to blonde v beautiful golden blush undertones," O’Connor told People.

"I produced a warmer bright in she hair colour, to enhance her dress, and included a high shine that in its entirety reminds me that a fluid colour, and also will reflect every information of her hairstyle."


How To acquire Blake Lively"s gold Blonde

The an essential to nailing Blake"s classic gold blonde hair minus the brassiness? Tone, tone, tone.

"I constantly finish blondes v a clean or toned gloss come seal the hair cuticle, enhancing the colour and also reflecting more shine," revealed O"Connor.

"Layering many undertones make the blonde hues was standing out and sparkle. I like to hit my blondes with a "golden apricot" together a means to blush my blondes."


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