Brody zener arrives in ~ the MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin, Germany top top November 5, 2009. ( Photo/David Silpa) | patent Photo

Sept. 16 ( -- Mayim Bialik and also Ken Jennings will host "Jeopardy!" with the finish of the year following Mike Richards" exit.

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Sept. 16 ( -- Hannah Waddingham debated her function as Septa Unella top top "Game the Thrones" and her friendship with Lena Headey.

Sept. 16 ( -- "Sex Education," a comedy-drama series starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey, will certainly return because that a third season Friday on Netflix.

Sept. 16 ( -- Dolly Parton, Annaleigh Ashford, Awkwafina, Misty Copeland and also Michael Douglas are collection to serve as presenters at Sunday"s Emmy Awards awareness in Los Angeles.
Sept. 16 ( -- Magician Dustin Tavella has been crowned the winner that "America"s acquired Talent" Season 16.
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16 ( -- Kevin Heffernan and also Steve Lemme talk about Season 3 of their TruTV comedy "Tacoma FD," i m sorry filmed under COVID-19 restrictions and culminates in an explosive, fiery season finale cliffhanger.
Sept. 15 ( -- Peacock and BuzzFeed announced "Snoop and also Martha"s an extremely Tasty Halloween," a Halloween baking competition streaming Oct. 14 top top Peacock.
Sept. 15 ( -- WarnerMedia announced Wednesday the Helen Mirren would hold its "Harry Potter" themed competition collection on Cartoon Network and TBS. The four-part collection is part of a 20th anniversary celebration event of the films.

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Sept. 15 ( -- "Power publication II: Ghost," a drama series starring Michael Rainey Jr., an approach Man and Mary J. Blige, will certainly return for a second season top top Starz in November.