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post on Thursday, 2 July 2015

Problematic Issues:

I just want to point out a few facts about some of points Calvin has done that simply don’t include up to why 2014/15 Taylor Swift would certainly be‘dating’ him. These concerns are part of the bottom line why this pairing simply doesn’t make sense.

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I understand you might be saying, “but that was a couple of years ago”, correct you’re right. Most of these events are a couple of years old, however that doesn’t change the reality that lock happened. We likewise haven’t seen an apology native him about any of these things either for this reason just due to the fact that he hasn’t done anything negative the last couple of months (other 보다 the Sam blacksmith Snapchats) we have actually nothing to walk off of that he’s changed.

Even his friends, like Dillion Francis, have actually posted things around Taylor top top Snapchat basically sexually harassing her. Dillion post a couple of pictures of her pretending come squeeze her nipples, and captioned that “Calvin Harris you mad bro?” which Taylor ended up unfollowing Dillon, but don’t her friends reflect that you room as a person?

First run In:

At first we believed these two met in ~ the Brit awards. A picture from a specific Instagram user to be posted the a team of civilization that included Taylor and also Calvin from the style Awards ~ above February 24th, 2015. The next night we acquired a video of Taylor and also Calvin meeting again in ~ the Brit Awards on February 25th, 2015, and also in this video clip (start at roughly 2:45) you have the right to see, Calvin, Taylor, and also Tree (Taylor’s publicist) talking.

The really problematic thing around all the this is the Calvin was checked out at the beach between the 17th and 23rd (depending ~ above what short article you read) the February with his ‘ex’ girl friend of 7 months, Aarika Wolfe. So offer or take it 1 to 8 days before the Brits. See post hereconfirming lock were seen together. V Taylor’s one year anniversary post for them, she shown that they“got together” on march 6th, 2015…. They usually exposed Taylor together the other woman due to the fact that that way that Calvin jumped from Aarika to Taylor within 2-3 weeks.

Once the media outlets started finding out around Aarika, they were saying he cheated v Taylor, and him being the smart human being he is made decision to delete every the Instagram pictures he had of Aarika ~ above his account to try to cover that up. Calvin was likewise still liking Aarika’s photos on Instagram even though he was“with” Taylor.

Nashville Outings:

So because that their an initial stunt, they made decision to start off low-key and also go to totality Foods, where fan images were taken. V it gift Nashville, pap pictures right turn off the bat would have actually been very suspicious/obvious for this reason they decided to go through something much more subtle. Later throughout their stay, they ended up going come Kenny Chesney’s concert. Taylor had actually her 1989 bedazzled microphone prepared so she obviously had actually this plan this beforehand, and none other than Tree Paine accompanied castle on their ‘date’. A year later on we determined that Calvin’s manager add them as well.

From the an extremely beginning things were off. People seemed to it is in noticing the oddness in the time of this “relationship” because her people tour was starting very soon, how right off the bat they to be wearing corresponding outfits at entirety Foods, and also how the chemistry just didn’t rather seem there. Taylor had been preaching she feminism spiel for over a year, and then all of sudden 40 days before her world tour she’s “dating” someone who is sexist? fast forward end a year, and this still doesn’t add up.

Pap Shots is complimentary PR:

So prior to I really obtain into this I desire to talk around the paparazzi. Civilization tend not to understand the relationship celebs and also paparazzi photographers have. All pap photos are PR for these celebrities, and more times than no they’re called/tipped off. This photographers don’t have time come camp out, particularly when they can be off somewhere else taking shots of civilization that they’ve been referred to as by. Likewise if this paps take images these people’s teams don’t desire posted, castle won’t, or they deserve to be paid off not too. Here’s a couple of articles talking about celebs calling the paps.(x) (x)

Also here’s an write-up that explains why celebs fake day (x)

PR Company:

For Calvin and Taylor’s pap shots, a many times lock go v a PR agency called AKM-GSI (the same civilization she offered for Jake G), and also if friend look at your tag line, it says “PR because that Hire”. Later in this write-up you will see they use an additional PR service called FlameFlyNet (the same civilization she provided for Harry most times).

Haim Concert:

She attended the Haim concert v Calvin (in LA) in April, i beg your pardon we had predicted was more than likely going come happen. The thing that many human being found odd was that in many of the pictures Taylor was just sitting there, and also wasn’t to sing or dancing. If girlfriend have ever before seen Taylor at an award show or a concert, you understand the girl goes tough with she awkward dancing. Another thing to note, she carried Jaime King and her husband along. At the beginning of this stunt until the finish of the summer, lock were virtually never seen alone. After ~ the concert, more pap photos were take away too.

Pap Shots:

Pictures have additionally been take away of Calvin leaving Taylor’s LA home in the morning, but here’s the kicker - the paparazzi would not have actually been there uneven they were dubbed (see a tendency coming on?). In LA, Taylor stays in a an extremely high course residential area, wherein paparazzi can’t camp out, the defense that’s constantly there will certainly ask them come leave. So how would they understand he is leaving? exactly how would they recognize if he’s leaving in ~ all? The only means these people knew he was leaving, was because her team dubbed them. Plain and also simple. And anyone who desires to argue through that, present me various other paparazzi images of anyone rather leaving her LA residence with her, or even Taylor herself.

The very first car shots (outside her house again) we acquired were in LA. She bodyguards were appropriate in former of castle in Taylor’s SUV ~ above the method to his house, and also since we didn’t see an arrival anywhere, my money is on the he to walk inside, and also she rode house with she bodyguards instantly after.

Throughout this whole stunt LA has actually seemed to be the go-to ar to obtain the shots they want. Again we acquired candid images of Taylor and Calvin out to dinner in LA, however what to be even much more weird this time was the these photos were take away the night of might 11th, however weren’t post until may 12th. That does NOT take place when you’re Taylor Swift. An additional interesting thing is that it to be reported by people that there was only 1 photographer, saying again that they to be hired through Taylor’s team. Likewise those pictures were a People’s magazine Exclusive (why castle were held til the following day) which appropriate there is a vast red flag because that it being staged.

Billboard Music Awards:

The night that the BBMAs to be filled with severe amount of PDA, and also the lack of chemistry was really evident to world even external of the fandom.When lock hugged the seemed like they had actually never done the before and Taylor’s fists were balled up. The following day we had actually the pleasure in reading plenty of articles like this one that could clearly see what to be up through them that night, and also were call the sham out for what that is. Indigenous audience footage you have the right to see that when she to know the cameras room on them, they rotate up the PDA, and then when they aren’t, they don’t talk, touch, or even really look at each other. Additionally for her to really have the ability to dance, she had to relocate away indigenous him.

Also in this video(fast front to around 1:20) friend can clearly see Taylor mocking Calvin for not wanting to dance, and with her hand gestures i assume she’s copying him due to the fact that he seemed to it is in acting like he was embarrassed by her dancing.

At Taylor and Ed’s after party they took photobooth pictures, and of food Taylor and Calvin were anywhere each other. To gain these pictures out there she had her other friends post these images an hour personally from each other. Then she made she brother do anInstagram account simply to post the picture even though he currently had one. Then after the BBMAs he didn’t post anything on the after that. Well… allow me rephrase that, that hadn’t until we had all to be talking around it and then the really next work he posted.


May 26th, 27th, and also 28th Calvin spent those 3 job in NYC with Taylor after she got back from her display in Norwich, England. He had snapped alerting everyone he was on his method there, and once he got there they decided to gain pizza in ~ a place that is known to be really touristy. In the next two work after that, they were papped every solitary day, and also at every times of the day. At very first she had dubbed them come come her place, but due to the fact that they were checked out SO countless times, they ended up starting to camp out due to the fact that they to be the hot topic those three days. But most time she phone call them when she’s in NYC. World (outside the fandom) who live in NYC also say that there’s never paparazzi camped exterior her apartment.


She did yet call lock to take it these pictures outside of Spotted Pigs on the 28th. Since the video that follows is distasteful, I thought I should include some of pictures too.


I offered to have actually the video added in, but it no long works. If they are leaving though,he stops and also waits for her, holdsher hand for maybe 2 secs to gain the shot, and then him no so nicely pushes her into the car.

There was a many talk around it back when that happened, however it seemed that they can have been clashing heads a small bit the week because of their attitudes, Calvin didn’t even seem to it is in trying as lot as he had actually been before, and also then they took a week and also a fifty percent break ~ that.

Tree likewise got pap’d leaving Taylor’s NYC apartment v a suitcase the job after Calvin supposedly “spent the night”. As in, Taylor’s publicist was staying with Taylor overseeing everything.

The infamous Swan Picture:

In June, Taylor and Calvin post a snapshot of themselves on a swan floaty. We began doing some digging, and first we discovered that ONTD reported the the weather in the elevator of their snapshot didn’t match the weather in LA that day, and after I had looked it increase the day it to be posted, it to be pretty chilly and also cloudy. Also a few days prior as soon as Taylor had gone MIA, a pretty huge grass fire had actually occurred, which would describe the haze in the ago ground that the picture. After even a little much more digging, we discovered that in the concert prior to (Raleigh, NC) Taylor to be wearing black nail polish on her toes, in the swan picture she wasn’t, and then later that night in she candids again they to be painted black. I believe this snapshot was a latergram, to do it seem prefer they had actually spent the day together. The most amazing thing about this is the it was their “debut” on Instagram together a couple.

SoHo House/Exclusives

So top top June 14th Taylor threw Jaime a infant shower, and also of course photobooths were affiliated (clearly it’s not a party to her uneven there’s a photobooth), yet the following day (the 15th) Calvin, Taylor, and Tree to be papped outside of his range Rover, and also they were conference Gigi, Joe, and also some various other friends for lunch in LA. The funny thing is that:

They to be taken the work before because Taylor was wearing the same outfit as the 14th.They were an exclusive to People and also Popsugar (again, exclusives space the an initial red flag that it’s PR/staged)They were posted in ~ 9 to be LA time…. That’s not lunch time.SoHo home (where lock went) is an exclusive, members-only club the prides chin on gift paparazzi-free by having actually an underground garage and entrance that permits privacy because that it’s members, but some how a pap made its means down there…. These pictures were bring away by FlameFlyNet (the same firm she went through for a most her images with Harry). Only method they make their method down there to be if Taylor referred to as them, and allowed it.Tree and Calvin weren’t in the lunch pictures so whereby did they go?

If those wouldn’t have been exclusives collection up by Team Swift, they would have been posted best away… no delayed a day.

Also throughout that week over there were much more car shots taken.

The watercraft Incident:

Taylor and Calvin both had shows overseas at the end of June and also weren’t maybe to meet up until June 28th. He alerted anyone via Snapchat the he had landed, and then later that job him, Taylor, Karlie, Gigi, Joe, Andrea, and also Scott were viewed on a boat going up/down the Thames River. So exactly how would the paparazzi (that she most likely doesn’t have much manage of overseas) recognize they to be on that boat? There’s no method they would know that. Taylor did call a more private photographer by the surname David Taylor though. These images were post under Dai Taylor’s website and also Pinterest, and they to be categorized under the PR tag. Here’s a snapshot of what Dai Taylor’s website looks like -



After gift in London ~ above the 28th, castle flew to Dublin the 29th because she had actually shows there the 29th and 30th. There to be airport pictures of them showing up in Dublin, yet The irish Independent Paper, would have actually never of known when they were flying in unless someone called them.Also we very rarely get shots the Taylor going everywhere once she gets off her plane, for this reason that just adds much more suspicion come it.

He was seen at she Dublin show both nights, and then castle hurriedly jetted turn off from Dublin (even hiding indigenous 3 pan at the airport) come head come Rhode Island.

Rhode Island:

July 1st there were tweets saying that they were at the beach, a restaurant, and then lastly pictures the them gaining ice cream. Now just like with Nashville, RI is a lot more private and often times over there isn’t paparazzi so she had to depend on pan to do the job-related for her, and post the pictures. If she would certainly have lugged a photographer with her that would have actually been means to obvious. So as with in the beginning of this sham, they had actually to go much more low-key.

Taylor literally relocated up the fourth of July come the 3rd, therefore she might stunt v Calvin the day due to the fact that he had actually a present on the 4th… She later went on a 2 week rest of liking things about him, i beg your pardon then her fans went nuts, and also she had to go ago to liking things around him again.

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Calvin’s Problematic behavior FINALLY Hitting the Media:

It took months, but it ultimately happened on respectable 19th. The media had obtained ahold the original write-up exposing Calvin’s nasty behavior and began reporting on it. There to be multiple posts written, and also after this fight the media, they were not seen with each other until October 30th.