You know Camille Rowe native those steamy, sexy, smokin’ fragrance ads featuring her and Robert Pattinson.

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“I’ve had a lengthy relationship with Dior. I began off v Dior Homme and was kind of the sidekick to Robert Pattinson,” she states of the actor, who was newly solitary after parting means with Kristen Stewart. “He had just damaged up. I think he to be a little sad, but very lovely. He was a teenage heartthrob. Sweet.”

Now Rowe, who was born in Paris to an American mother and also a French father, is the confront of the newest member of the Dior scent family: poison Girl. And also Rowe is making use of her communication to promote a favorite item from an imaginative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collection, a T-shirt that reads: We should All be Feminists.

“Even in every this dark, dark, scary time, there is this really beautiful sense of civilization coming together and also waking up and doing other important. The Women’s march — the turnout to be incredible. World need to continue to be awake and also alert and take action,” she says.


Her beauty regimen is equally no-frills. “I acquire a lot of sleep. I drink a many water. I fly a lot because that work, and people put so lot on my confront when ns working, for this reason I try to keep it really simple. I have supersensitive skin. I constantly hydrate with the Hydra Life. I don’t love placing a bunch of makeup on,” she says.

Her fashion icons include Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and also Michelle Phillips. She’s additionally into inside peace, something most of us strive for yet don’t actually attain.

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“I exercise meditation and burn incense. Ns feel prefer it cleans my mind. It just takes practice. A believed comes in and you notification it, that there, expropriate it, and also move on to the next. I don’t practice any type of kind of special kind of meditation. It’s just 30 minutes of sit calmly,” she says. “I’m constantly drawn to musky and also patchouli scents. My parents space hippies.”

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