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"Can You feeling My Heart" is a 2013 track by british metalcore band bring Me the Horizon. In January 2021, the song obtained popularity in videos on TikTok and also was later used in mean Fan vs. Median Enjoyer memes.


On October 8th, 2013, brother metalcore band carry Me the Horizon released "Can You feel My Heart" as the fourth and also final single from their 4th studio album Semptiternal.<1> Released with Epitaph Records, the music video was uploaded to the label"s YouTube<11> channel on august 19th, 2013, receiving over 82 million views in roughly seven and also a half years (shown below).

Can you hear the silence?Can you check out the dark?Can you settle the broken?Can you feel, have the right to you feel my heart?


Prior come its January 2021 resurgence, the song has been supplied in several viral TikToks. On in march 4th, 2020, TikTok<2> user radioizotop post a video clip in which he pretended come smash a car windshield through a guitar, gaining over 34.3 million views and also 1 million likes in one year (shown below, left). On may 24th, 2020, TikTok<3> user bogdik3514 posted a video of a bungee jump collection to the song that obtained over 205,000 likes (shown below, center).

On December 23rd, 2020, TikTok<4> user original.don posted a video clip of it s her headbanging captioned "when my hood friends finally give me the aux." The video clip (shown below, left) got over 368,000 likes. Top top December 24th and also 25th, TikTok customers
chirkidonly<6> both post videos using the song, which obtained over 219,000 and 512,300 likes in 2 months.

The trend witnessed a revival of popular on TikTok<7><8> in at an early stage January 2021. Top top January 8th, TikTok<9> user aximee.edits posted a Charlotte edit collection to the song, v the video clip gaining end 13.8 million views and also 2.8 million likes in two months (shown below, center). Top top January 9th, TikTok<10> user vale.yeyas post a video that received over 9.2 million views and 1.8 million likes in the same period (shown below, right).

Within the trend, 2 subformats gained specific prominence: film and also anime clips depicting civilization falling from good heights and videos in which human being drew patterns on mirrors with flammable fluids, collection them top top fire and turned the lamp off. Additionally, following a viral short article by tik user
gibberish.bruh, the song has actually been offered in typical Fan vs. Average Enjoyer memes.

Average pan vs. Typical Enjoyer

On January 25th, 2021, TikTok<18> user
urticatesatr (Gibberish.bruh) posted the earliest meme based on the format, a Godzilla vs. Kong meme (reupload presented below), through the article gaining end 323,000 views and also 62,900 likes in 2 months. ~ above January 26th, iFunny<12> user TheBertiestBertoftheBerts made the earliest uncovered repost that the video. Also on that day, Twitter<13> account
TheFunny_mp4 reposted the video, with the meme getting over 467,000 views, 8,200 retweets and 46,900 likes.

On February 7th, 2021, content creator Socialism excellent Left made a variation of the image that acquired over 190,000 views on YouTube<14> and 134,000 views on Twitter<15> in one month (shown below). The video clip features sped-up video "itzmefraz illustration 7" by YouTube<18> user itz me Fraz together "fan" and also a slideshow the GigaChad pictures as "enjoyer." also on the very same day, Socialism excellent Left uploaded a theme for the meme come Twitter<16> and Google Drive.<17>



<11> YouTube – deserve to You feeling My love Music Video

<12> iFunny – TheBertiestBertoftheBerts

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can you feel my heartbmthbring me the horizoncan friend hear the silencecan you see the darktiktokmemesongmusicmetalcoreepic musicaverage fanaverage enjoyeraverage fan vs. Mean enjoyerfan enjoyer
This recent meme trend revolved approximately evil versions of pop society characters has taken end Twitter, Reddit and iFunny in current days — here"s why.

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