Carla Gugino almost "haunted" the box office in a surprising role way before she starred in The Haunting that Bly Manor. 

If friend don"t understand who the versatile Bly Manor actor is in ~ this point, you more than likely haven"t flipped with Netflix in a warm minute. Beside from play The Storyteller in the streaming platform"s spookily famous horror series — based on the novella The revolve of The Screw and the follower to 2018"s The Haunting the Hill House — Carla Gugino has been in a ton of famous projects. She starred together the handcuffed heroine in 2017"s thrilling and powerful Gerald"s Game (also command by the Haunting series" Mike Flanagan) and as Daisy in the Cinemax series Jett. However you"ve most likely seen Gugino much earlier, perhaps without realizing it. The star perhaps many famously appeared in the Spy Kids franchise as the mother (and mystery spy), Ingrid Cortez. As those movies each grossed over $100 million globally, per Box Office Mojo, there"s a good chance that role may ring a bell. She additionally played mam Emma throughout from Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas. Yup, the increasing star has actually a few blockbusters under she belt, too! 

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But absent out on roles is a natural part of the Hollywood experience. And also even though things worked out for Gugino, as she"s on the cusp of widespread fame now, there"s one component she didn"t acquire — claimed no to, in truth — the must have actually hurt. Role on under to find out the duty Carla Gugino pass on.

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So what to be the duty that Carla Gugino reportedly turned down? follow to TV over Mind, that was to play Vin Diesel"s love interest, and also superior officer, in the babysitter-based action-comedy The Pacifier (or "manny-based" in this case, as Diesel stars together the film"s i can not qualify babysitter/Navy SEAL). The duty in the 2005 flick ultimately went to Brittany Snow. Interestingly enough, Gugino instead made decision to star ... In Sin City, opposite Mickey Rourke. As Lucille in the 2005 comic book adaptation, the actor ignited the screen, rocking a bob haircut in the scintillating, if smaller sized gig. But Sin City"s Robert Rodrigues additionally directed Spy Kids, for this reason she stuck to her (literal) guns. 

That said, The Pacifier grossed $200 million while Sin City grossed $150 million. Therefore it"s worth wondering, would certainly Carla Gugino"s stock in Hollywood have risen much faster if she had actually "pacified that up" and chosen the meatier and audience-friendly role instead that the more nuanced one? 

Things settled in the end, but it"s amazing to wonder wherein Carla Gugino would be if she"d favored the other film!